Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movie Madness: What are you watching this week?


For some reason I've been on a movie kick these last few days. Maybe its because all the amazing shows I watch are on hiatus until September and I'm bored outta my mind with no good tv...(well except my soaps...but I donno if you can really call that good tv! Lol..I still love them though). Anyway I've been watching a ton of movies and since we have Netflix on xbox live I can add movies to my instant queue and watch them right then and there! Its pretty amazing and I will admit Netflix is awesome. So what have I been watching? Well I'll tell you...
First It was "When Harry Met Sally" which I had always heard of but NEVER SEEN! I can't believe I waited this long to watch it because it was hilarious and such a good love story. Not to mention Meg Ryan is gorgeous and one of my favorite actresses.♥

Next it was "It Could Happen To You" with Nicholas Cage. This movie I had seen before, but I especially love it because its based on a true story! Plus its a super sweet love story and Nicholas Cage looks great in his sexy cop uniform! ;)

Then it was "The Breakfast Club" which of course I had seen but I LOVE watching again anyways. Theres just something about this movie. I love it! 

Last But not least is one of my new FAVORITES "The Proposal."  I actually saw this in theaters with one of my besties and its just hilarious! Sandra Bullock is fabulous in this film, and not to mention Ryan Reynolds is a SMOKIN' HOT FOX! Seriously...hes gorgeous!♥
So that leads me to my question for today...What are you watching this week? Are there any movies you're LOVIN' right now?? If so leave me a comment...I would love to know what you're all watching and if you have any recommendations please leave them! Thanks for reading my lovelies!♥


  1. Isn't Netflix a lifesaver? I am loving the fact that I can use mine on my Wii.

    Some movies I have seen recently...

    Now and Then (great movie that I watch over and over again)

    The Women (the newer version. If you like Meg Ryan, then this is one for you)

    Marley and Me (I don't know why I put myself through that torture)

    Can't Buy Me Love (Patrick Dempsey was still sizzling when he was a dork!)

  2. AGH!!! I LOVED the Proposal!! I've only seen it once, but really should get it again - such a great movie! And I've never seen When Harry Met Sally, but someone gave it to me as a gift, so I really should get on that!!!

    One of my all-time favorites and usual go-to movie is Chocolat. I also love love love (this is pretty old-school) Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - wow, I feel like a nerd for admitting that!!! I haven't seen many movies lately, but have been wanting to watch Baby Mama again (that one had me rolling on the floor!!!).

  3. I've been watching a lot of movies this week too! It's been too hot to go outside.

    We saw Killers at the theater -- I LOVE Ashton Kutcher! And Kathrine Heigl. You should see it if you haven't.

    We saw Last Song at the discount theater... I don't know if it's on DVD yet. It was pretty good.

    I bought Valentine's Day the day it came out. I heard a lot of bad reviews of it, but I really liked it! Sort of like Love Actually, but not quite as good.

    And finally, 27 Dresses... one of my all time favorites.

  4. The only movie I've seen on your list is "The Breakfast Club"! I seriously need to crawl out from under my rock! I have Netflix on my Wii and LOVE it! However my tv crapped out on me so we're using John's old one and can't find the remote for it, SO no instant Netflix. :( We just watched "Funny People" the other night. It was good, but it was 2.5 hours. I think I have "The Proposal" in my instant queue. We also just got "The Box" (Cameron Diaz) from Netflix so that'll be the next one we watch.

  5. I LOVE all of the movies you've been watching lately. I recently just watched When Harry Met Sally too and I completely fell in love with it. And The Breakfast Club + It Could Happen to You have always been two of my favorites!! :)

    Lately I've been watching some new things:
    -Get Him to the Greek
    -Sex and the City
    -The Book of Eli

    all of which I really liked! But The Book of Eli was definitely my favorite. I also watched my favorite movie ever: 500 Days of Summer.

    I love watching movies and I could seriously do it all day lol!

  6. Oh my gosh, GREAT movie selections!! When harry met sally is one of my all time faves...closely followed by you've got mail. Meg Ryan is amazing!

    I'm not much of a nicholas cage fan though...

    The proposal was so funny, wasn't it? I laughed so hard when she started chanting get low in the woods. funny.

    I can't wait to see that new movie with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise...he kind weirds me out now but I LOVE Cameron and it looks pretty funny!

  7. the breakfast club is my very very favorite!

  8. The Breakfast club and the Proposal are two great movies!

    I just watched A Beautiful Mind 2 days ago and that movie is AMAZING!

    I also really recommend the new Karate Kid. T and I saw that in theaters and it was excellent. It put a smile on my face.

  9. I actually haven't seen any of those movies! I seriously need to get a better social life, haha! I do plan on seeing Toy Story 3 and I've been a really big Disney kick lately watching all the old movies I grew up with. I've wanted to see the Proposal though so maybe I will check it out! Glad you're enjoying your movies!

  10. Thanks everyone! I've really enjoyed reading all your suggestions and seeing what you've been watching! I will definitely have to check out the movies you recommended! :)


  11. I'm gonna try to take the kiddies to see the new Toy Story! I hear it's awesome especially in 3D. Maybe your niece would like it. I have yet to still watch Dear John & Letters to Juliet but I know I'm setting myself up for tearjerkers!