Monday, June 21, 2010

I have to...but I really don't want to

As our first PCS move gets closer and closer there are a million things I need to get done, and for some strange reason I have NO MOTIVATION to do them! There is only 4 weeks until we I move across the country and have to set up our new house. I am anxious and excited, but also very nervous. So these are some of the things at the top of my list:
  • Clean our room (and I mean really clean, meaning go through everything and get rid of what we don't need anymore and make sure everything is immaculate)
  • Move all of our unopened wedding gifts from the upstairs office to the spare room downstairs to be ready for the movers
  • Complete work receipts and head to the post office to mail them out
  • Compile a list of addresses for my "Bon Voyage" Party and email them to my Mom
  • Go to our college and order transcripts for my husband and I
  • Buy everything on my house list that we still need for our new home 
  • Go through my husbands stuff and figure out what were taking, as well as getting all his tools and car stuff together
 So after all this I'm sure to be exhausted and ready for a nap, and I highly doubt I will get all of this done today. Does anybody have some ideas to get me motivated? Cause right now I feel like hiding under my bed and ignoring this mountain of chores I have to do....sighhhhh. Oh well at least by the time I get all of this done I will be a few days closer to actually getting this move over with, and believe me, I am soooo ready for this to be over with! Hope you all have a fantastic Monday and sorry for such a boring post, but this is just whats on my mind. Thanks for reading and much love♥.


  1. You sound like me; I'm such a procrastinator also. I know if I put on my favorite music playlist and turn it up, that always gets me motivated. Especially when I start seeing a dent in the work. Hope you find some motivation!

  2. At least you have things to keep you busy... you will be moving in no time!!

  3. We moved every year when I was a kid and moving sucks! But I could never fathom going about it alone. If I could I would help you. Best of luck!

  4. You for got to mention on that list that you need to hang out with your besty!! lol

  5. I guess the best motivator is to just get up and start that way you have something to finish! haha

    But I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to get all my stuff together and finish planning this wedding at the same time. Yikes! haha

  6. I have an award for you on my blog :)

  7. P.S. You have an award on my blog! =)

  8. Thanks for the advice ladies and thanks mucho for my award! :)

  9. good luck with all of that!! jsut make sure you have some great music playing! :D