Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making Memories

One of the highlights from our trip home was actually being able to attend my niece's birthday party. She is three and I've never been able to be there for her birthday so it was something very special to me. 

We got pizza and breadsticks for dinner and all the Nieces played together and ran around the way kids do. I got to see some old family friends there as well and it was nice just chatting and catching up with everyone. 
My favorite part of the night was when Bella opened her presents. I got to hold her on my lap and help her open her gifts. It was so special! Seeing the look on her face when she opened the present we got her was priceless! It's a memory I'll always look back on and cherish. 

I  am very thankful for the opportunities we had to make new memories with our loved ones over the last week. :) 


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Monday, April 29, 2013

Flying with baby

I'd be lying if I said the thought of flying with a 3 month old didn't frighten me, but to my surprise my son was an excellent little flyer! :) 
Bubby & I on the plane :)

The flight out to LAX was horrible. We were supposed to just stop in Atlanta to pick up some more passengers, (which is exactly why we selected this flight) however when we landed in Atlanta the flight attendants nonchalantly informed us we had to get off the plane and get on another one. There was also a two and a half hour delay until our next flight would be leaving. Needless to say it made traveling with an infant even more exhausting! 

We settled into our new plane only to end up sitting next to an entire basketball team. Oh how lovely that experience was. They were loud and obnoxious to say the least and I had to resist the urge to backhand them on several occasions. My mama bear instincts were kicking in since they kept waking up Jeremiah with their loud music blasting on their iPods. Some people just have no common sense or courtesy towards others! 

We ended up landing in Los Angeles around 10:30 pm (1:30 am to our bodies which were on east coast time) and it took us three hours to get home! There were a bunch of exits closed for construction and we couldn't even get on the freeway we needed to take. At that point I was so exhausted and could barely stay awake. 

My little munchkin got up bright and early at 7 am on Friday so that was fun! Ok, I'm being sarcastic here if you couldn't tell. ;) But even though getting to California was not an easy task my son did so well! He didn't cry at all and just nursed and slept the whole time. The flight attendant and several passengers commented on how well behaved he was. 

One woman told me "It was so nice not to sit behind a crying baby! I just have to compliment you on your son's behavior." I was such a proud mama. He did just as well on the flight back to Virginia and again we received more compliments. I am so thankful everything went smoothly with him. :) Have you ever flown with a baby?


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We're Back!

Hello everyone! We're back from our trip to California and I can't wait to tell you all about it. I have a few posts lined up and lots of pictures to share. :) 

But for now I have a hungry baby to feed, a mountain of laundry to wash and a house to straighten up on this rainy Monday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :) 


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Look

Well lovely readers, I've finally done it. My new design is complete and I am loving the change. ♥

Now that everything has been updated I am excited to share some new posts with you all and have some exciting things coming up. I am headed back home to California for a visit with my family this week and I couldn't be more excited. Expect to see lots of pictures from our trip!

I will also be posting updates on our little munchkin & am currently working on his birth story. It's a piece that's very near and dear to my heart so I hope you all enjoy reading it once I'm finished. Until then, have a lovely day! ♥

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


For those of you looking for an alternative to google reader, check out BlogLovin! It's very simple to export all your blogs and to search for new ones. You can follow me there by clicking the link below. :)

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy 3 Months!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 3 months. He is growing up before my eyes and already I've become pretty sentimental about it. I hate to admit it but I've spent the better part of the last two days just admiring him while he nurses, trying to take in all that he is. 

There have been more than a few times when I get an overwhelming sense of sadness at the thought of him growing up so fast, and I cant lie and say I haven't shed a few tears over it. When I look at him my heart feels though it might burst at any moment and I am constantly amazed at my love for this tiny human. 
He is starting to smile more now and the mornings are my favorite. He wakes happy (and hungry of course) and after I nurse him I love to give him kisses and play in our bed for a bit before we get up. I know these days won't last forever, and all too soon they will be gone so I am trying to enjoy them and remember everything I can about my time spent with  my little man. :) 

He has already learned to roll over from his tummy to his back, and we are working with him on "tummy time" so he can strengthen his muscles and learn to sit up and crawl in the next few months. Before we know it he will be moving around and getting into everything! ;) 
But for now I'd like him to stay my baby for just a bit longer...I love you my sweet Jeremiah. ♥ 

Where have you been?

I guess you may be wondering where I've been the last six months or so...I honestly can't even remember the last time I wrote a blog, life has been that crazy. 

As you may remember I was pregnant the last time I posted and that has a lot to do with my absence. The holidays came around and I was so exhausted from carrying an enormous baby around in my belly that I barely had the energy to do much, (so there was really nothing to blog about). 

My inlaws came for a nice Christmas visit and shortly after my mom arrived to stay with us until our son was born. Things didn't end up going according to plan, (then again they never seem to) but ill save that for another post where I share our birth story. :) 

All in all the last few months have been a crazy, exciting, amazing, scary and at times overwhelming period of my life. I feel like I have so much to share with you all and can't wait to begin. It feels good to be back. :)