Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making Memories

One of the highlights from our trip home was actually being able to attend my niece's birthday party. She is three and I've never been able to be there for her birthday so it was something very special to me. 

We got pizza and breadsticks for dinner and all the Nieces played together and ran around the way kids do. I got to see some old family friends there as well and it was nice just chatting and catching up with everyone. 
My favorite part of the night was when Bella opened her presents. I got to hold her on my lap and help her open her gifts. It was so special! Seeing the look on her face when she opened the present we got her was priceless! It's a memory I'll always look back on and cherish. 

I  am very thankful for the opportunities we had to make new memories with our loved ones over the last week. :) 


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1 comment:

  1. When we went back to Pa in March, it was the first time I got be there for Connor's birthday and he turned 3! Makes you realize how much you want to be closer to home. I'm so glad you got to go home, I know you don't get to go back nearly enough.