Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hold on Tight

The last few days have been challenging for me, and after talking to my mom tonight I realized I am on an emotional over load. I swear you'd think I was pregnant or pmsing but nope...just losing my mind a bit! ;) My hubby FINALLY called me today and now I feel really bad about complaining earlier. I knew all along it wasn't his fault but its still hard for me not to get upset when I don't hear from him, especially on important days. 

So for now I am taking a step back and trying to keep my emotions in check. I know I need to be stronger for my husbands sake and for the sake of our marriage. I know some people out there may not agree with me sharing my frustrations on my blog, but I am a very honest person and it helps me to write about the things that bother me. Don't get me wrong, I don't share everything on here because I do think some things are better left between my husband and I, but asking for advice or just venting on my blog usually helps me to calm down and get some perspective on the issue. Today that was definitely the case. 

I'm not going to pretend to have the perfect marriage...because the truth is, there is NO SUCH THING as a PERFECT relationship. Do I love my husband? Yes, more than anything! Does he love me? Of course! But does that mean we don't ever have disagreements or arguments? Certainly not.

Every couple fights whether you choose to admit it or not, marriage takes a lot of hard work...you have to try every single day, and love that person in spite of the things they do that drive you crazy at times. I love my husband and I am tired of letting this deployment get to me so I'm choosing to be stronger...and to be thankful for my husband. Even if he doesn't call me everyday or express how much he misses me. I love him anyway, and we're gonna find a way to get through this hellish experience. I meant what I said when I promised to stand by him through good times and bad, and I'm gonna live up to that promise. I'm gonna hold on tight, cause I know we've got a good thing. ♥

 We already have one month of deployment down and only a million more to go, but we can do it! Our love is stronger than this b.s. and I have faith that the lord will see us through, no matter how many oceans are between us. ♥
I love you Baby! ♥



  1. Britt, you are a very very strong woman and you know that! This deployment is merely a little challenge in your marriage and I KNOW that you two can conquer anything. Sometimes, distance/deployments can be frustrating and I know we don't mean to take it out on our husbands but sometimes it happens. Just as long as you two love each other and have faith everything will turn out alright, there is no need to fear :) keep doing what you are doing babe you are strong!

  2. I completely agree with this post! This is our first deployment and I am learning so much about how to deal with things. My husband has been gone a little over a month and a half and some days it's so hard for me to feel important. I miss having that affection in my life and I think to me that has been the biggest adjustment. I just try to tell myself that he'd much rather be here than there, and that this can't last forever. Hang in there girl! You can do this!

  3. You will find strength that you didn't know you had! Every deployment is hard, but they will eventually get easier!
    Just remember not to compare what you go through with anyone else. I had to learn how to communicate when there was NO communication. It's hard when our husbands miss our birthdays, but right now my oldest daughter is already falling apart about her daddy missing another one of her birthdays...this to me is heartbreaking. But we learn to survive and she will too.

    AND...this is your blog and you can vent and lash out.Sometimes it's our only means to unload...forget about the naysayers. WE all can't be perfect like them :)

    Happy Belated Birthday and Easter!

  4. Love this post, love that song, love your picture and LOVE LOVE LOVE that we are a month into this!!! Woo hoo!!! :)

  5. I so love this post! It's hard to keep all the insanity in check during a deployment, but it really does consume your life for the duration!

  6. Your posts like this seriously make me feel so much better when I am having a bad day and struggling with something. And they always seem to come at the right times too.