Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Food and Good Friends

Yesterday I had a fabulous day with my real life bloggy love Sarah from "My Life as a Crafty Boatswainsmate's Wife." I f you haven't checked out her blog, go show her some love! Since I had the day off work (Hallelujah!!!) we decided to go out to lunch and do a little browsing at the mall. We headed to Uno's for lunch and we both got yummy turkey bacon and swiss sandwiches and some broccoli cheddar soup. Yum! After that we spent almost three hours looking around all the different stores in the mall and I managed to score a new dress from Forever 21 for only $6.80!!!!! It's adorable and I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was. :) I'm probably gonna wear it tomorrow if the weather is nice here. You may even see it on this weeks edition of "All Dressed Up" over at Lady's blog. 

After we had looked until our hearts were content we headed back to Sarah's apartment to hang out and play with her adorable pups Lexie and Ajax. Ajax is so fiesty, I just love going over there and getting to see him!♥ Lexie is still a little skittish around me, but I'm hoping someday she'll warm up to me. once Sarah's hubby came home from work he spoiled us both and made a delicious steak dinner, fried potatoes, biscuits and some yummy noodles. He even made us a lemon cake for dessert! Lol! It was nice to have a real meal, and not to eat alone. I hardly cook anything substantial anymore since My husband deployed. It just seems silly to go to all that trouble for one person.

I had such a good time with Sarah and her Hubby last night, that once I came home and was all alone I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I tried cheering myself up by watching some "Drop Dead Diva" on Netflix but it didn't help much. Before I knew it I was crying myself to sleep. All night I kept tossing and turning. I was dreaming about my husband all night and when I woke up I still felt sad. :( I know I've been through this before but I guess it just never gets easier when you really love someone. I've been doing pretty good up until the last few days, and now it seems like I can't shake that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach...the feeling that I wont be seeing my husband, my love and my best friend for the rest of the year. Even though I know it's reality, it's a hard concept to grasp. 

On another note though, today at work we found out one of the other tellers isn't coming back from maternity leave. She's decided to stay home with her daughter and enjoy watching her grow up, at least for now. So with that being said, my manager asked me if I would like her position of 35 hours a week instead of the 29 hours a week I get now. I decided to accept because lets face it...1)we need the money, and as much as I dislike that place at times I need to work more so this deployment can fly by. And 2) I already work 35-40 hours a week so why not get more benefits from it and possibly a raise? I know my husband is gonna be excited when I tell him, and I'm hoping that when my next review comes around I can get a raise!

I am also still so happy about my husband receiving "Blue Jacket of The Quarter." He has worked so hard ever since getting assigned to his ship and I feel like now he is finally getting noticed. A few days ago he also became an E-3!!! I know thats probably hilarious to all you veteran military spouses but since he has only been enlisted for less than 2 years we are happy that he is moving up. If he can pass his test in September for E-4 and they have enough space to promote people in his rate then he will be moving up again and I will be so proud of him! ♥ I think the first few years of this lifestyle are always the hardest and I'm hopping things just get better from here on out. Anyway, I'm off to make some pasta for dinner...after all a girl's gotta eat! ;) Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. Yay for a new dress...and a great price!

    Praying that you get that raise, which I'm sure you would! You're helping THEM out....:)

  2. Congrats on his promotion! Every promotion is a big deal, in my opinion! And I hope you do get that raise.

    As far as cooking goes, when my husband was deployed, I enjoyed inviting a friend or two over and cooking for them, sometimes even testing new recipes. Glad someone cooked for you though :)

  3. We will have to make each other a dinner or two when I get back to Va so we can avoid the whole making dinner for one person thing! Haha On a side note I have been practicing my baking, and bought a big book of cupcakes. So I need someone to taste test cupcakes for me! :)

    My hubby is only an E-3, he took the exam for E-4 in March so we are waiting to see if he is going to rank up or not. *Fingers crossed*

  4. Such good things happening for you guys!! Woo hoo!!

    I love Drop Dead Diva! Is it coming back?

  5. Congrats to your hubby! and I feel ya on anything cheap...I wish I could have that choice to stay home when I have a baby...probably not gonna happen though!



  6. I had such a great time with you too Brittney! It's amazing how much time we spent in forever 21. Isn't my hubby so sweet to the both of us?!? ;)
    Isaiah is such a great sailor! Congrats to him!
    I'm not to happy about you working extra though. That means not as much beach. :( but you do what ya gotta. Lol. Kidding girl. Love ya!