Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All Dressed Up: Birthday Dress

So most of you know about my "dress obsession." This past weekend I reorganized my closet and counted all my dresses. I have 45 to be exact! They take up almost an entire rack in my closet, but they are all near and dear to my heart...I just feel more feminine when wearing a dress, so of course I had to find the perfect birthday dress this year. 
 I'm in love with this lacey strapless dress I discovered at Wet Seal. It was love at first sight, and once I tried it on I knew it was "the one."♥
I couldn't resist these little rose bracelets! Here's a closer look.
I also found this adorable necklace to complete the look. 
I was just in love with this entire outfit...but i couldn't forget the perfect sandals. 
I felt super girly and lovely in this outfit. I really do believe what you wear can affect how you feel.♥ 
I had a great birthday and this dress helped make my special day complete. ♥ 
Now go link up at Lady's blog and share what your wearing this week! ♥xoxo



  1. adorable dress!!!
    girl, you need to pass some dress over here! i have maybe 5, and never any chance to wear them! haha.

  2. You are too stinkin' adorable! I grew up such a tom boy and am finally falling in love with dresses- they just make me feel prettier and girlier. I'm nowhere near 45 though!

    From the looks of everything you had an amazing birthday, and looked good doing it!

  3. Love the dress. I like wearing dresses as well, but am not comfortable in them so I usually stick to jeans. Maybe I will change living in Va.

  4. Britt, she made me wear a dress for her birthday!!! lol.
    I'm not the dress wearin type either! I come from Texas. We where jeans round those parts! Haha.
    Do you see how uncomfortable I look?
    It was worth it though, my husband said I looked pretty so that's a plus! :)

  5. Thank you ladies! I bought another one today so now its 46! lol ;)