Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bella's Birthday and an Important Reminder

Can you believe my beautiful niece Bella is already going to be a year old this Friday? It seems like yesterday I was waiting to meet her at the hospital and I held her in my arms for the very first time....♥
 I'm such a proud Auntie and I had a blast shopping for my love bug this week. After all how can you resist this adorable face? ;)
These are a few of the goodies I got for my baby Bella...
My particular favorites are the white baby "jeggings" and this shirt that says, "Oh la la!"
Not to brag, but my niece is gonna be the most stylish baby on the block! ♥ I'm also in love with the pink "jelly" sandals I got her...they were too cute to pass up. This shopping adventure taught me something...once I have kids I'm gonna be broke! ;) 

Although it was fun shopping for my love bug, it also made me sad that I won't get to be there to see her open everything. :( This is going to be her first birthday and I've never missed one of my nieces first birthdays until now....I feel terrible....but such is the military life. It's not my favorite lifestyle but I'm hoping we won't be doing it for too much longer, cause I really don't know how much more I can take.

But that's enough sulking for me, I wanted to remind everyone to send out a card for Jessica from Misadventures of an Army Wife. After Jessica's "Final Goodbye" post we were all shocked and saddened for her. We've since found out that she is alive and getting the treatment she needs. With that being said I'm asking you to all please go out and get her a card to cheer her up. Her parents are putting together an Easter Basket with cards from everyone to give her some encouragement while she is going through this difficult time in her life. I know if I were in her shoes I would greatly appreciate it so please don't forget! :)

Thanks loves and I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday...Now I'm off to get my hair cut, do a little window shopping and get my tan on at the beach today! ♥



  1. your neice is adorable! :)
    im a bit too far away to send a card, but jessica knows she is in my prayers ♥
    i am a new follower of yours, and love this blog! ♥
    when you have a minute, come check mine :)

    stay strong and have a fabulous day at the beach ♥

  2. Awwww.... she's a cutie! I love the jelly shoes too.

  3. You are going to be the best mama ever one day, with the most sassy pants baby on the block! Love it!

  4. She is definitely very cute!! I love your pictures on here...especially Army Vs. Navy!! Gotta love our fellow milspouses, no matter what branch, right?
    I just found your blog today...come on over and check mine out..I think you will like it.

    -The Glamorous Army Wife