Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yay For Wednesdays!!

So today is Wednesday and I'm having a great day so far! :) My friend Anastasia and I are counting Wednesdays together as a way to count down the time until my hubby comes home from deployment and to count down how many weeks left she has during her pregnancy! It is a great idea and seems way better than counting months or days, simply because those numbers are much bigger and can be daunting when you look at time from that perspective! Now taking into account that I don't know the exact date of his homecoming yet it is a rough estimation...but it still helps me to think we are getting closer!! :) Thanks for the great idea Aiya!!  As of today there are roughly 19 Wednesdays left!! yay!! Also as some of you may know my blog was being retarded and not allowing comments to be posted(for some strange reason) but with Aiya's help we got it all fixed! So feel free to leave me comments or advice on my posts, they will be much appreciated!! I am doing pretty well today and feeling very optimistic about my life...I have been trying to seek the Lord for help and strength during this deployment and I can honestly say, he is reaching out to me with love and carrying me through each day Isaiah and I are apart. I am so blessed and I know the Lord has put people in my life to help me get through this and that through him I can accomplish anything!! :) I have been receiving a daily devotional each day and setting aside time each day to read my bible and pray. This has helped me tremendously and given me peace. The devotional is amazing and written by christian women, and it is made for women. Its called Girlfriends in God and I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to know and learn more about the Lord or just needs help in life, like we all do. It is very real and gives examples from real women's lives and scripture and always has a great check it out!! :) Its pretty awesome! Anyways in other news I am setting goals for myself and making to do lists to help keep me busy each day during this deployment...and it seems to be helping!! Next month I am signing up for summer school at my community college. After I have completed the courses this summer, I will only be ten units away from achieving my dreams and transferring to a University in Virginia once we move!!! I am so pumped and excited for school and cant wait to finish and become a teacher!! For me this is a huge deal because I have always dreamed of getting an education and making something of myself. Once I graduate I will be the first in my family to graduate from college!! I know thats still a few years away but I am so excited and can't wait for school to start this summer so I can move forward with my educational goals!! Well I'm off for now, I have a ton of things to do tonight!! Laundry, work receipts, and not to mention go walking with my big sis so she can have this baby already!! lol Thanks for listening and I hope you all have an amazing day!!! 


The Navy Wife♥


  1. I found your blog via Hellcat's and must say, it is adorable. I am officially a follower!

    Much Love,

  2. Look at you HOT MOMMA!!!!! Sexy little kitten!

    ~Goodnight moon!

  3. awww thanks ladies!! you are awesome and I appreciate the sweet comments!! :)

  4. YAY!!! Officially only 19 wednesdays left!

    Congrats on the summer courses! I think thats an awesome idea! It will really help time pass for you, especially because you love school so much!

    Things are looking up Britt! Have a wonderful day. Good luck to Mel and the Bella

  5. thanks aiya!! :) ya im hoping going to school full time will keep me super busy and help time fly by!! and i've been feeling better lately and more optimistic!! thanks for your support and friendship!! i need to come down to oceanside so we can hang out!! lol <3

  6. yes you do need to come down so we can hang out!!!

    Bon fire tom!!