Monday, April 26, 2010

My First Blog Award!! :D

Thank you to Laura at Diamonds and Dogtags for my first blogger award: The Circle of Friends Award!! :) It was so sweet of you!! So here are the rules of the Award:

1) Post it on your page

2) List five things you looooove to do

3) Pick five friendly bloggers and pass it on!

My Five Things I Love To Do Are:

1) Spending time with my matter what we're doing I'm happy as long as were together! I love him soooo much and am missing him everyday he is gone! Whether we're watching a movie at home in our pjs, hanging out with friends, or going out on a date night we always manage to have a good time :)

2) Going to the beach..theres just something about it that makes me feel free. It always shows me the beauty there is here on this earth. There is nothing better than laying on the sand on a warm day and soaking up the sun! :)

3) Shopping!!! For clothes, shoes, books, cds, makeup, name it I love to buy it!! Haha!! But mostly for clothes, I love Fashion! I worked as a manager at a clothing store for three years and lets just say my addiction to clothes started there! I like trying out new styles but mostly I love retro or vintage inspired looks...polka dots, patterns, and did I mention dresses?!? I absolutely adore wearing dresses and have quite a collection in my closet! Its my guilty pleasure! :)

4)Watching my favorite tv shows...this is something i never had time for when I was working full time and my husband was still at home. Now that I'm only working part time, I actually have time to indulge in these crazy drama filled shows!! lol!! My favorites are Vampire Diaries (those are some sexy vampires! Damon is my fave...), One Tree Hill (Still love it even tho Peyton and Lucas mysteriously left the show with no goodbye!), Law and Order SVU (Benson and Stabler kick some serious criminal ass!!), Days of Our Lives (I know, totally corny right? Don't judge me!!!), and the new 90210 and Melrose Place (probably only cause I used to watch them as a kid when my mom wasn't looking!! haha!) and last but definitely not least The Office (Cause Steve Carrell is effin hilarious and so is everyone on the show!) so those are a few of my fave shows! :)

5)Hang out with my friends and family...I love being surrounded by the people I love. It brings me much happiness and helps to pass the time while my husband is away. I especially love being around my nieces...they are so sweet and innocent. I love them more than words can say! :) 

Now here are the 5 bloggers I am passing this award on to:

2)Amber at Good night Moon
3)Anastasia at Our Little Journey

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  1. Thanks for passing it along to me!! It is great reading everyone's blogs and getting to know them in the blogger world!