Sunday, April 18, 2010


Thats how I felt all day. Didn't really do much, just stayed home and relaxed by myself. It was an ok day. I haven't been home very much since the baby craze started...(when my sis's doctor told her she would have the baby two weeks ago...and lo and behold there is still no baby! Thanks for nothin Doc!!!). I know its frustrating for everyone in our family but mostly I feel bad for Mel cause everyone keeps badgering her and telling her to have the baby already...which is pretty annoying. But shes mellow so even though its irritating she still manages to be nice about it. Anyways...I stayed home today cause I've been at her house everyday for the last two weeks just waiting for the time to come when she needs my help, and this kid is pretty stubborn so far. Lol...I guess shes just pretty comfy in her mama's tummy! :) And I don't wanna be a bother and be in her face all the time, So it was a stay at home Saturday for me! I took my time getting ready and eating lunch, then just read my bible and took a nap. Later on two of my friends came over (Beth and Jake) which cheered me up a bit! :) we made cupcakes and went to in and out for dinner! :) It was pretty awesome and I'm lucky to have such good friends! I got a call from my hubby tonight also which was nice as always, but he is getting sick and he sounded a little down, which makes me sad. I just wish I could actually be there for him sometimes, but I know I can only support him through e-mails and phone calls, which is hard. I know this deployment is happening for a reason but some days I just feel like its harder than others. Today was just one of those days. I know I have a lot to be thankful for but I cant help but feel a little sad tonight, and I'm not even exactly sure why. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will stop being so emo...Have a good night...


The Navy Wife


  1. you're so emo today because you didn't have me and my preggo rants to keep you distracted!! lol. just kidding. but on a serious note, we all have emo days sometime. mine was pretty emo today too. i almost read a whole book and basically did nothing else. =)) but i hope tomorrow is better for you. and btw, totally jealous that i didn't have any delicious in n out and cupcakes!!!
    your BIG sis
    (but hopefully not soo big for much longer. lol)

  2. I hope your an Auntie soon. There is really nothing worse then hearing people tell you "have that baby already" makes you feel like your not women enough to push it out, even though the baby obviously isn't ready to come out.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Everyone who has to deal with deployments has bad days :( It is a hard thing to deal with. Hope you are feeling a little better today, pretty soon you will have a new niece to make you smile!!

  4. I like to look at it like, If we didn't have bad days we wouldn't be able to cherish the good days. Cheer up dearest!! I hope your Sunday is much better!

    P.S My nephew didn't want to come out at all!! The wait was soo daunting for me and my sis. Hopefully the little Jelly Bean will grace you with her presence soon!

  5. thanks ladies! you have no idea how much your kind words and encouragements mean to me!!! :) I've been doing pretty good lately but i've just been bumming the past two days! I don't really have a reason but I am grateful that i have such kind people and good friends in my life! I am very blessed! also on the note of my stubborn niece I guess she is just taking after her g-ma in the fact that she is always running late! lol But its ok, cause we all know she can't stay in there forever! She has to come out eventually!! haha..and when she does everyone will be so excited to meet her! :)

  6. AW :(

    At least you got to have in n out! That usually cheers my day up! lol

    The only thing I like about those days is eating brownies and watching a good sad movie.

    Hope u feel better.

    p.s. Go read my blog. The end might help.

  7. thanks aiya!! love ya!! :) and I loved the end!! lol