Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Very Thought of You♥

So today has been a much better day and I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to let any of this Navy B.S. get to me. I have decided that I will find a way to get my skinny little butt out to Virginia in August, even if it kills me!!!! And I'm serious, I mean business people!!! Any who I'm trying to come up with a plan and I was talking with my MIL today and she suggested that she and my Fil go to Va with me so they can help me move and get settled in. This seems like a good plan to me but for some reason my hubby doesn't want them to help us. The way i figure it is sometimes in life we need help and there really isn't a much better alternative for us. Anyways I'll leave those worries to the Lord and know he will help me figure out what to do! On a lighter note it is Wednesday and that means only roughly 18 Wednesdays left until my hubby comes home!! Woo-hoo!! :) Anyways I will close with a song from Lady Day and I would like to dedicate it to my hubby! I have loved this song probably since I was ten years old and have never stopped loving it...(oh forever young!) I love you baby!♥ 


The Navy Wife 


  1. That is so nice of your inlaws to help you move. Good Luck on everything!

    P.S I love Billie Holiday's voice. Zooey Deschanel's voice reminds me of Billie, but of course Ms. Holiday will always be an amazing legend.

  2. Ya I thought so too, but my husband doesn't want them to help so i might just have my best friend drive with me to va before he comes home from deployment to help me move and get our apartment set up.then he wants us to fly back to ca once he does get leave and pick up his car and drive it to va! so i might have to do that 2700 mile drive twice...:( which I am not too happy makes more sense to me to have them help us but he doesn't want to, so we shall see what ends up happening! lol and I LOVE Zoey Deschanel!!! She is my fave!!! She has the cutest retro style and I love all her movies!! She is fabulous! :)

  3. WHAT?! You're driving from California to Virginia, TWICE?! Your crazy girl. Maybe your hubby will see that its easier to let his parents help. It definitely makes more sense.

    I can't wait to hear what happens and for some fun road trip posts!

  4. haha! I know right?!? I told you I was losing my sanity!! lol but seriously i really dont want to! I have extreme road rage for one thing and i hate riding in the car for long periods of time. after like six hours i wanna shoot myself! haha so we shall see how it all works out...i need some tips for convincing my hubby! ;)