Friday, April 23, 2010

After Waiting So Long She is Finally Here!

So today around 1pm my niece Bella Marie came into this world and she is already making a splash! Our precious little angel made us wait 2 and a half weeks before she finally graced us with her presence, but the wait was definitely worth it!! Mel was induced around 5:30 AM but was still progressing slowly and by 12:30 was only dilated to a 3 & 1/2 centimeters. So the doc, (who was very funny btw) came in and broke her water and within half an hour when the nurses checked her she was already dilated to 8 centimeters!!(and all without an epidural mind you!) Then there was a bit of a scare and we were all worried sick. The nurse yelled for the doctor saying something about the cord. We were rushed out of the room and not informed of what was going on. After waiting about half an hour or so the nurses came and told us that the babies cord was coming out of the cervix before the baby and my poor big sis had to be rushed to surgery for an emergency c-section! I feel so bad for her, I know this wasn't how she wanted things to turn out. We were terrified but the nurses quickly assured us that the baby and my sis were fine and in recovery. This was such a blessing from God and I am so thankful they are both ok! Not to mention she is the most adorable little are a few pics! Needless to say i am very happy to be an Auntie again and I cant wait til i have my own lil rugrats someday! :) Isn't Bella Marie beautiful!?!♥


The Navy Wife


  1. Awwwwww....she is so cute! You are so lucky to have been able to be there with your sis! Have fun being an Auntie, babies are so great! (My friends say I have a slight addiction to babies, I can't help it, they are just so darn cute!)

  2. She it a beauty for sure Britt. Wow.

    Welcome Bella, may you have a long and happy life filled with gifts from above!
    It is so fun to hold a newborn all snug and happy in their cozy blankets being held by the ones who will love her forever and longer.
    Little hands and feet sooooo cute!
    Congrats to you Auntie Brittney.

  3. Look at that beautiful baby girl!! Aren't you excited she's finally here!?

  4. Congrats Auntie! The pictures are so sweet, she's adorable!

  5. Thanks Ladies!! She is so precious! It was definitely worth the wait to meet her and I'm so glad I was here to be a part of it! :) i love being an auntie!!