Monday, April 12, 2010

I'll Wait for you...

So yesterday was a pretty good day...until I started worrying again. It seems as though every time I start to make progress in trusting the Lord to take care of Isaiah and bring him home safely I immediately take two steps back...its like I'm going through this mental battle in my head and the fear of losing him fills my mind with these terrible thoughts. I hate reading anything in the news because it just makes me worry more and it doesn't help that my husband can't (and won't) tell me anything about whats going on or if he is safe. :( That makes it hard for me not to worry everyday...I swear I'm going to end up with an ulcer or a bald patch on my head!!! lol. I wish it were simpler to let go of my fears and offer up my worries and problems to the Lord. I try, I really do, but like my mother in law says, it seems my alter is slanted. I give my worries and problems to the Lord only to take them right back and try to fix them myself. In this situation I realize I have no control over our lives and what happens with the navy. As frustrating as this is I know I have to accept it and live my life as normally and best I possibly can. Easier said than done. :/ So to try and motivate and comfort me I am going to refer back to this verse each time I am feeling down... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
My goal is to say this to myself and believe it!!! And as of now I'm already feeling a tad better!! :) And I'd like to end this post with a thank you to all the other military wives out there for your kind words and awesome blogs, you have no idea how much reading what other wives are going through helps me!! And here is a little video that makes me smile. I hope it makes you all smile too. :) My husband and I danced to this song at our wedding and it pretty much sums up our situation perfectly!! Well thanks again for listening and have a spectacular day!!! God Bless!!!♥


The Navy Wife

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