Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodbye Sanity Hello Straight Jacket!

So first of all let me say that I think I have been handling this deployment pretty well, but there comes a point when enough is enough people!!!! Theres only so much a woman can take before going completely bonkers and ending up in a straight jacket and a padded cell!!!! I am exasperated and I am so overwhelmed...I got a call from my hubby tonight and of course I was really excited. He had e-mailed me saying he was going to call because he had some news. And of course I was thinking, "Oh it must be good news, otherwise he would have warned me in the e-mail..." WRONG! It was definitely BAD NEWS!!!! And its so frustrating cause he always asks me, "Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?" And of course I say bad news every time because I've learned with my husband that when he asks this question, there really is no "Good News," as he refers to it. So I just ask for the bad news just to get it over with...kinda like ripping a band aid off...! ouch!! And your thinking, "Do it fast and maybe it won't hurt as much," but it still HURTS! :( So he informed me that they want him to take a legal class once he gets home from deployment and that it would delay him taking his leave, which means it would delay us moving out there even longer. Which for me is not good news considering I've already found a school I wanna transfer to and if we waited to move I would miss registration. Not to mention we would be separated for ANOTHER MONTH AND A HALF!!!! Goof grief Navy what do you expect from me?!? I'm giving all I've got but i just don't have anything left to give!!! :( Every time I feel like I start to make a little bit of progress with dealing with all this crap (that is completely beyond what I am capable of dealing with by the way) something else happens! I'm told I have to wait longer, or whatever b.s. it happens to be at the time! I'm a newlywed damn it and I have spent half a year away from my husband already! By the time he comes home it will have been over a year apart and we will have missed out on every holiday and both our birthdays, not to mention our one year wedding anniversary!!! And all because they want him to take a stupid frickin legal class when he comes home from his deployment!!! Knock Knock!!! Hello Navy....Anybody home?!?!!!! Our Sailors have families and wives too damn it!!!! And we deserve to be together as much as possible when they are home for that small precious amount of time! Ugghhhh I know I'm ranting but I feel I'm entitled to a good rant every now and then! :< I don't want to be separated for another month if we don't have to be! And thanks alot also for giving my husband a bunch of shots and turning him into a jerk while you were at it! Now we are fighting because of this and he wants me to wait to move until mid September which would ruin any chance I'd have of enrolling in school and finishing the three classes I will need to transfer to a university. Its like, "Hello!!! I need to have a career too...and I would like to have babies some time before I'm 30 and thats not gonna happen before I get my degree (according to my husband...) So what the heck am I supposed to do??? The next time anyone sees me I might end up in a straight jacket because of all this bull s*** and stress!!!! This effing sucks!!!!!!!!!! :'( And I might just have to kill someone!!!


The Navy Wife



  1. Bleck! That sucks! Deployments are horrid, awful things. Oh, the stress! It feels like it could break you, so you have to flip it the bird and carry on. Good luck!

  2. Not to get you down even more, but that is how the Navy rolls, they like to make you wait and wait and wait......But you cannot let it get you down! It sucks that you always have to be the one who has to make the sacrafices, but I have learned that is Navy life. It took me forever to get my AA. Because of all the moves and stuff. You just have to find a way to get it done.

    Can you take online classes? Online classes have allowed me to keep on working no matter where we are. A lot of Military members and spouses go to Coastline Community College, they have a special spouses rate, only $69 a credit hour (for 2 clasees) and free books for your classes! I would check it out. It may not be the route you want to go, but it will allow you to finish your AA so that when you do move you can start the next stage in your degree! Good luck!

  3. Wow, the sacrifices of a Navy wife.
    As the mother of the sailor.....he is a wonderful, loveable and super human son and husband but he is acting out his discomforts on his loving wife and sometimes mother, lol. Men and women are like oil and water....stir really hard, it works.