Thursday, April 29, 2010

Skype How I Love Thee...

So let me just start off by saying today was a much better day! I'm exhausted cause my Hubby was calling me on and off throughout the night, but I was so happy just to hear his voice! :) Although I was pooped from the day before I didn't care cause we NEVER get to talk this much during this was awesome! We even had a skype date and were able to chat and see each others faces!!! :) Its crazy how much you can miss simply seeing the face of the person you love. Whoever invented skype and set it up to be free needs to win a Noble prize or something!! has been a lifesaver for us and a much needed tool of communication during this deployment!!!! Its way better than phone cards which cost a butt load of money and last for like ten seconds!!  So thank you skype!!! I love you!!! ;) Well thats all I have to say really, so I hope you all are having as great a day as I am and as always god Bless!!


The Navy Wife

P.S. Here is one of my favorite pics from our wedding!! :D


  1. That photo is gorgeous and yay for skype, it has literally made this deployment a million times better than I could have imagined

  2. I love skype, but skype hates me. Everytime my husband gets on it cuts out every 10 minutes, so he keeps having to re-call me and it's a pain in the arse. Although it's more reliable than facebook chat. Don't even get me started on that POS. It kicks him offline every millisecond. grrrrr....

    (and the even funnier thing is....the "word verification" down at the bottom of this screen is "angst". Talk about appropriated LOL)

  3. aww thanks expat girl!! It is my fave and we even got it in a 16X20 for our house!! :) And is amazing and makes me so happy!! its so nice to be able to chat and see each others faces!! I love it!!

    and Laura:
    I know what you mean Girl! The first couple of times my hubby was in port and able to use skype the connection was HORRIBLE and literally kicked us off about every two minutes!! Lol it was so frustrating but luckily this time was much better and we got to talk for almost two hours with no dropped calls! Yay! and fb is a pos all together and always messing up so we dont even bother trying to use that! Lol :)

  4. I love everything about that picture! Your dress is beautiful, and so are you!!! And not to mention the tender moment you are sharing in it:)

    I wish I had skype...BLECK!

  5. I saw your blog title and had to stop in. Obviously caught my attention....

    Cute blog you have here. :)

  6. Amber:
    Thanks Girl!! you are soo sweet! :) our photographer was!! lol she did such an awesome job!! and yes my dear u should get can download it for free and if you have a webcam you can video chat for free!! it AAAAMAZING!!!! LOL

    Monique: Thanks for stopping by!! I would love it if you followed my blog!! :)The more the merrier I always say!