Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wistful Wednesday!

So as many of you know alot of fellow bloggers partake in the "Wordless Wednesday" posts, where they simply post a picture and write a tiny snippet underneath...BUT since I like to be different sometimes I thought I'd call mine "Wistful Wednesday" seeing as Anastasia and I are counting Wednesdays together! And seeing as how every Wednesday since we started this I day dream about my hubby coming home and actually moving to Virginia, I thought the name was very fitting. Anyways...On to the reason for this post as of today there are only 11 Wednesdays until I move to Virginia and  "roughly" 14 Wednesdays until my hubby steps off his ship and into my arms!! Ahhhh its going to be glorious and I can hardly wait!! ;) 


The Navy Wife
P.S. My Mil knows how much I LOVE Hello Kitty and since I couldn't get my cake topper like I wanted she had these specially made and shipped all the way from China! It was so sweet and I love them!! :)


  1. Those are the cutest little bride and groom trinkets ever!

  2. haha! thanks Dee! :) I love them sooo much. Im in love with Hello Kitty and my hubby and I always joked that he was like badtz maru so his mom got these for us!! They were sitting on our table when we walked into the reception and I was so happy and surprised!! It was really sweet of her.