Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it really that hard?

So I know I have been a blogging slacker lately, and for that I apologize...I was in a bit of a funk the last few days and feeling sorry for myself. Pity Party for 1? Lol. Thankfully I am snapping out of it and telling myself "everything will be all right." So a ton of stuff has been going on lately and since I was slacking in the blogosphere here is my update: As far as my move and getting base housing goes, it has been NO BUENO! I finally got my new poa last week and faxed it over asap on Friday morning. I was  told to wait until Monday and call the housing office and that they would refer me over to Lincoln Military Housing. So the weekend comes and goes and I call the housing office first thing Monday morning. The lovely woman I mentioned in my earlier post "His Plans are the Best Plans" informs me that unfortunately their computer systems are down and so are Lincoln's. She told me to call back in a few hours to see if they were back on yet. So I proceed to wait 2 hours before I call back, and when I do she tells me that their systems are up but Lincoln's are still down, and that I should just call them tomorrow. So I wait yet ANOTHER DAY and I am starting to get frustrated, but keep telling myself, "It's ok, tomorrow I'll find out whats going on." So this morning I called Lincoln Military Housing only to reach an automated operating system, and found out there was no way for me to speak with an actual person. I left messages on three different leasing specialists voice mails, and even sent one an email and still heard nothing back from them. At this point I am beyond pissed! Why is it so damn difficult to get base housing? Why can't someone just tell me how long the wait is and if I will be able to get a house in time for my scheduled move? Is it really that difficult? I know people are busy but its been over two weeks now and I am still not even on a waiting list. :( Not to mention the housing office has had my application since February (when we thought we were moving the first time, before my hubby got deployed) and they have known since then that I needed a house by late July/early August for when my hubby comes home from deployment. Don't they realize this is MY LIFE and they are messing it up with all this craziness?? (Sigh...) Anyways I'm still trying to remain positive and I'm not giving up yet! I'm going to wake up bright and early tomorrow (6 am Ca time) and call them as soon as they open, and I intend to keep calling all day if I have to...until I can finally speak with a human being and not a voice mail system! Its gonna happen people...I'm determined and I WILL find out what the heck is going on with getting a house!! Wish me Luck!!! With that said I am going to go watch season 5 of The Office, because I need to smile and laugh! :) So i thought this pic was very appropriate..not only because of that, but because I am DETERMINED to get us a nice place to live!!!

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