Sunday, May 2, 2010


So the past few days my hubby has been in port, and we've talked more in the last four days than we have in the last two months! It was amazing but also hard and makes me miss him even more than I thought possible! During the course of one of our conversations this week Hubby informed me that there was a "rumor" going around the ship that their deployment might be extended until October!!!! Ugghhh seriously?!? Navy...WTF??? Now when my hubby told me this my heart immediately sank and I felt as though I might fall over and die right there. I know, I'm being dramatic...but seriously I'm already teetering at the brink of insanity dealing with all this military b.s. and now this?!? I'm trying to hang on and be optimistic but it seems like every time I turn around there is more bad news! :( I need something to look forward too and August has been the month my heart is set on. I know this is just a "rumor" but I'm still praying it isn't true! I really wanna spend our first wedding anniversary together (August 29th) and just see my hubbs in general! I mean he's been gone since last October...isn't that long enough? :( Anyways please pray for us that this does not happen cause whether he comes home in August or October I am moving to Virginia Beach in July to get our apt set up and enroll in school. Wish me Luck everyone...I'm treading water here trying to make it through this deployment!!!!


The Navy Wife

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