Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Month Deployment Mark!!!

Thats right people...Today we have reached the 2 month mark of Hubby's deployment!! I feel so accomplished and am Happy to say there is roughly 3 months left until my Hubby comes home!! :) This deployment has been a bumpy ride but I am glad that we are almost half way through it!! I would say that even though its hard being separated we are still as much in love as ever, and that our marriage is growing stronger. I have so many good things to look forward to in the next three months and I can't wait to see my husband step off the boat and into my arms! Hope you all have a delightful day!!


The Navy Wife


  1. What a beautiful wedding pic!!!

  2. That is such a pretty picture! You are gorgeous! Yay for being almost halfway done with the deployment!

  3. Thank you ladies!! you're all so sweet!!! :) And I'm so happy this deployment is almost half way over!! yay!!


    the navy wife

  4. Such a GORGEOUS wedding gown! I adore it! Also... our deployment countdowns are just 2 days apart!