Monday, May 17, 2010

I must be cursed!!!!!!!

I mean seriously? Why does everything in my life have to be so damn difficult??? I'm beginning to think someone has put a hex on me or something, cause nothing seems to be going right. I'm sorry to throw myself a pity party here but sometimes a girl needs a BREAK!!!! I know your all sick of hearing about me moving, but as an update from my last post I will say that my hubby and I talked it over and have decided to go with base housing. So I submitted our application and the housing people called me and told me I needed to fax over my power of I did. Then a few minutes later the phone rings and its who else but the housing lady. She graciously informs me that my power of attorney had expired on February 15th, only FIVE days after it had been written!! All I can say is WTF?!? First of all, why would anyone in their right mind need a power of attorney for only five days, and secondly why didn't my hubby catch the mistake and ask them to make it last long enough for me to be able to use it? Now this is going to put me even more behind, as I had to email Hubby and tell him I need a new p.o.a. made asap. Now I'm gonna have to wait to get that before I can get the ball rolling with our housing and get on a waiting list! They won't even tell me how long the wait is without me giving them the power of attorney, so as of right now I'm screwed! My Mil and hubby's best friend are helping me move and need to buy their plane tickets for the ride home after I move, but if I don't now how long the wait for housing is, how can we plan the move? If its longer than a two month wait I'm gonna be shit outta luck! :( I am so frustrated and upset right now, I don't even know what to do with myself. I feel like there have been so many obstacles in my path to keep me from moving and being able to greet my hubby on the pier the day he comes home from deployment. I want to start our freaking lives already and actually be able to live together!!! I HATE YOU NAVY!!! YOUR RUINING MY LIFE!!!!!!


The Navy Wife


  1. Okay that seriously sucks! I hope he is able to get a new POA as soon as possible and there aren't any more issues here on out! Chin up! Everything happens for a reason!!!

  2. Thanks L.C.! I was looking at the poa last night and I think what happened was they put the wrong year for it to expire. Cause it was actually written to expire on feb 15th 2010 and he signed it on feb 16th 2010. So it had to be a typo from whoever wrote it, cause how could he sign a document that was made to expire the day before he even signed it? That makes no sense! Lol, i know it was just a little typo but its causing BIG problems for me! :( Luckily my hubby called me last night and I explained everything to him and he is gonna try and have a new one made as soon as he can, which hopefully is soon! Thanks for being so nice and encouraging!! :) It means alot to me!!


  3. Oh friend just complained to me about the navy and how she has not been able to spend enough time with her husband of 9years. I hope things work out for you because I do understand your frustration.

    My husband just joined the military too and he is off to Basic Training and Officer Candidate School...I am praying for his safe return and safety throughout this new journey. I just started a blog to chronicle our lives as well. I welcome any sort of advice as I am new to this.