Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Story...

So since I have so many new followers to my blog (thanks to the mil spouse blog hop!) I thought I'd share with you all a little about me and the love of my life. I met my husband almost three years ago, and in the last place I ever thought I'd meet the man of my dreams....MY WORK! I was a manager at a women's clothing store and just went to work like any other day. Little did I know...that day was SPECIAL...we had just hired a new sales associate and I was scheduled to work with her that day. Her name was Aimee and she is now one of my best friends! :) Aimee had gone to school with my hubby in high school and they were still good friends, so he decided to drop by and visit her that day. Now keep in mind that I had just ended a really TERRIBLE, two year relationship and was still recovering from that...I told myself I was not going to date anyone for an entire YEAR! Thats how gun shy I was to get involved with anyone...But the Lord had other plans for my life. Although I didn't know it at the time, that day when Isaiah walked into Styles my whole life changed. He was funny and goofy, with a personality that could charm almost anyone, and he made me laugh right away...He came into my work with another high school friend and they were acting totally retarded! My work played really awful music, and when the soldier boy song came on Isaiah and Bradley immediately started dancing to it...and I mean really dancing the entire dance from the video!! (I know what your thinking...TOTALLY CORNY, RIGHT!?!) All I could do was laugh at him and make fun of them the entire time, but for some reason I couldn't help but like him. And the strange thing was I never once looked at him that day and thought "This is the man I'm going to marry" or even "He's cute...I wanna go on a date with him." He simply made me laugh and I didn't think too much else about it. Then as Aimee and I became closer we started spending more time together outside of work, and Isaiah always seemed to be around. The more I hung out with Aimee, the more I would see Isaiah, and it didn't take long before we were hanging out without her. No matter how hard I tried to hide my feelings for him, and tell myself I didn't like him, I couldn't get him out of my head!! Soon we were spending every waking moment together and I found myself falling head over heels. My youngest sister Kayla was the first person to know how I truly felt about him, and mostly because she confronted me about how much I must "like" him to be spending so much time with him. I insisted that we were "JUST FRIENDS," but she saw right through my shallow facade. I'm an insanely bad liar...and the moment she confronted me about my feelings for him was the moment I realized i had been lying to myself for two months! I was terrified of getting hurt again but something told me Isaiah was special. He was the first guy I'd dated who was genuinely a "nice guy" as you might say, and up until him I only seemed to attract assholes! Lol! One of the first times we hung out he took me to Starbucks and bought me coffee...I was amazed! I had only been in relationships where I was expected to pay for myself every time, and it felt so strange to actually be in the company of a guy who would pay for me! Not only was he nice, funny and SWEET, but he had the most gorgeous light brown eyes and a smile that made my knees go weak....thats when i knew i was in trouble! :) Everything happened so fast from there...it wasn't long before we had our first real date (The wedding of a friend of ours) and I knew almost instantly that he was the only man for me. After we were together for six months he surprised me and proposed while we were on vacation in Encinitas, and of course I said YES!!! A year later (August 29th, 2009) were married in a beautiful victorian chapel and had our dream wedding! Now I'm not gonna lie and say our life is like a fairy tale, or that we never fight or have our trials. We've been through so much in the past three years, but I wouldn't trade a second of our life  together. Our life may not be a "fairy tale," or always be "charming," but i can say with my whole heart that I've found MY prince charming! I love my sailor more each day and becoming his wife was the best decision I ever made. He makes me want to be a better person and amazes me with how much he loves me. He is the most genuinely giving person I've ever met... He is the Love of my Life...my puzzle piece...my best friend and the best part of me. Each day we are apart i realize even more how much I love him, and I'm so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with such an amazing hubby! So thats our Love Story...i hope you enjoyed reading it! and I would love to hear all of your love stories too! :)


The Navy Wife


  1. Such a beautiful story! I love "how we met" stories!

  2. Super saaaweet love story!

    What a beautiful pic! Beautiful bride!

  3. I love hearing everyone's love story!

  4. Thanks Ladies! :) I loved sharing our story with you!!


  5. Oh that's so sweet! And that's like me...when I first started falling for the Marine, I was in TOTAL denial and didn't WANT to be more than friends. My heart had other ideas though...

  6. hehe! yup...the last thing I wanted in my life was a guy!! Lol, I really wanted to be alone for awhile cause the last relationship I was in was horrible! but I'm glad I listened to my heart and not my head, cause otherwise who knows where I'd be today! :)