Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beach Days...

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day here in sunny southern California and I'm really wishing I was at the beach!! My good friend (and fellow navy wife) Anastasia invited me to come down to Oceanside, but since I can't get my butt down there I thought I'd post some pics for her to cheer her up!! I wish I was there with you and we were soaking up the sun together...it would be quite lovely! I fully intend to get down there in the next two weeks so you better be ready for some serious tanning!! I hope you like the Pics Aiya and I hope your having a better day!! Love you!!


The Navy Wife


  1. Love the pics!! Good times!

  2. thanks birdie! she really was gorgeous and seeing her frolic around in the ocean makes me miss it even more !! :)

  3. Aw thanks Brit your the best. I love the pictures and I cant wait till you get your butt out here so we can get our tan on together!!

  4. yay!! me too girl! I tanned for an hour today in my back yard!! I need to catch up to you..lol I look like a ghost in comparison! :) hope your having a better day!! love ya!