Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Care Package and Award!

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I was trying to get a hold of the housing people, as well as mail out a special birthday package to my Hubby. :) His Birthday is coming up in June, and since we can't spend it together I wanted to send him some of his favorite goodies...this includes beef jerky, sour patch watermelons, 5 gum, skittles, those water bottle mix packets (he loves those!), lifesavers, some spicy japanese crackers, a lint roller (which he loves to, and of course a jdm car magazine...(yes my husband is mildly obsessed with cars!) 

and last but not least a hilarious Rocky Balboa Birthday Card...(my hubby thinks Rocky is the and i have to admit I laughed my lil booty off when I found this card... :) It reads "I love it when you flex your muscles!" and the inside says "Guess which one is my favorite?" hehe I know its a naughty card but I'm married...(don't judge me! lol)

Now onto the next order of business: the always lovely Samantha over at Navy Doll and Delainey have both been sweet enough to award me with the versatile blogger award! :) Thank you so much Samantha and Delainey!! I am very  flattered that you thought of me! :) So the rules state that I must share 7 things about myself, so here goes...

  1. My two favorite colors are pink and navy blue
  2. I am a taurus, and yes I am STUBBORN, but also loyal, faithful and loving.
  3. I love anything vintage...the clothing, hairstyles, makeup, cars, etc...vintage=fabulous!
  4. Mexican food is my absolute favorite...I could literally eat it everyday, its sooo good!! My besties call me "Lupe" because they say I am Anytime we go out to eat, they already know where I wanna go! :)
  5. I am majoring in history, and hope to get my teaching credentials and become a high school history teacher. 
  6. My hubby and I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this August and I am so excited! 
  7. And last but not least, I love blogging because I have met so many kind and supportive people through my blog...having that support really helps me deal since my hubby is deployed. :)
Now I would like to pass this award on to:
  1. Karissa @ Being a Better Wife
  2. Kelsey @ Far From Safe Harbor
  3. Mrs. Gambizzle @ Life As a Sailor's Girl
  4. Christina @ Married to a Sailor
  5. Kim @ Navy Wife, Navy Life
I hope you all enjoy your awards and don't forget to pass them along to some of your favorite bloggers!


  1. Yay for Tauruses!! lol, and just so ya know I was gonna pass this award on to you also but I saw that you already got it! lol :)


  2. i just wanted to say that i laughed when i read that you sent your husband a lint roller. i dunno why, but that's funny! my husband likes to use them too. i once found a few stashed away (and had been needing one just days before, ha ha)! nice work on the package - i'm sure he'll love it!

  3. hehe I know its silly but my hubby LOVES them!! lol He is always telling me he likes them because they keep his uniforms looking sharp for inspections!! :) He is funny, and when I saw one at target I instantly thought of him! I'm glad my post made you laugh!! :)


  4. Awwe good job on the package! I'll be having to send care packages soon. =(

    p.s. "vintage=fabulous" such a true statement! Lol. =)

  5. Awww yay for an award! And I thought the lint roller was funny, I once I had to send my boyfriend new bed sheets (haha!) but I'm glad that you made him one and that he will have a great package waiting for him on his birthday! =)