Saturday, May 22, 2010

Letters to Juliet

Last night one of my besties and I went and saw Letters to Juliet and I loved it! :) This movie made me smile, and although it was corny at times (aren't most romantic movies?) it was still really good. There were also a lot of funny parts, not to mention the leading man was pretty hunky and had a lovely british accent! 

This is definitely a chick flick so take your girlfriends and go see it together! It also had a really good soundtrack, so thats always a plus! The story was really sweet and it amazed me that there actually are "Secretaries of Juliet" who volunteer their time to answer peoples letters sent to Juliet. Check out this link to learn more! The Juliet Club And you can even send your own letter online if you are seeking guidance in the area of Love!

Anyway I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, I don't really have too much planned but I seriously NEED to wash my car. Its filthy and grossing me out! Lol. So I'm off to scrub a dub dub my beautiful Corolla and maybe even lay out and get a tan! Have a Lovely Saturday! :)


The Navy Wife


  1. I should totally send a letter to this club! Thanks for sharing...I can't wait to see this movie :)

  2. OOO I have been wanting to see this so bad but was worried it would be very cheezy. But since you loved it, I think it's time for me to round up the girls and watch this!

    Thank you for the wonderful movie review. =]

  3. Kelsey: Yes, you should totally write a letter to juliet! I'm sure they would have some words of wisdom to offer...if you click the link on my post you can go to their website and submit a letter online! :)

    Just a Girl and Delainey: Yes, you definitely need to see it, but your right it was a little cheesy, but still cute. :) I love Amanda Seyfried..she is gorgeous and has come a long way since she starred in mean girls! lol. Plus it was funny, and at times sad, and of course romantic, which in my opinion equals the perfect combination for a romantic movie. I'm sure you will love it! :)


  4. Just wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog!!!!

  5. awwe i've been wanting to see that movie so bad! glad to know it wasn't too cheesy! lol. hope u had fun washing ur car! (i seriously need to do the same thing!) =)