Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Essentials Swap!!! :)

The always fabulous Nicole, over at "Flip Flops & Combat Boots" decided to host a summer essentials swap this month, and since I have bad luck with winning giveaways ;)  I thought this would be a fun way to get some awesome summer goodies, and to be able to pick out some fun stuff for my partner. I was lucky enough to be paired up with Nicole myself, so I knew I was gonna get some cool stuff! :) I am so glad I decided to particiapte cause it was really fun to go shopping for some summer essentials that I think Nicole is gonna love! It was pretty easy and I hope she likes all her goodies, because I actually mailed her package today and it should be arriving on Wednesday, so be on the look out Nicole!! :) Today as I was heading out the door to mail my package, my summer essentials package arrived from Nicole!!! I was so excited, I just had to open it right then and there!! She gave me some awesome summer treats! Heres a photo so I can show off all my cool goodies, lol! Cause I'm a show off like that ;)
As you can probably tell from the above photo, I used to work in a clothing store and I loved making displays, so I had to arrange everything to make it look cutesie! :) I love everything she sent me, and yes those are margarita glasses you see!! This made me laugh so hard when I opened it because Nicole and I were emailing the other day when I was on my moving rampage, (and I was about to chop someone's head off at the time) and she told me she hoped I felt better and that I should have a margarita, lol! I told her I thought she was right, and after the day I had, I NEEDED a drink, lol!! So thank you Nicole, now I have my very own set of margarita glasses!! :) I also got some lemonade mix, which is always a perfect summer treat! It even came with a tiny little whisk to mix the lemonade with, too cute!!

She also sent me a pair of bright purple flip flops, which I will be wearing all the time (especially to the beach once I move!) and I absolutely love the color!! They look so cute on my tiny little feet! :) 

I also got some matching purple glasses that are so cute and I am stoked because I love bright colors! 

Last but not least, Nicole sent me a little pink floral coin purse. This item is probably my favorite because its pink (which I♥) and it has flowers on it! I really needed a coin purse because my wallet is tiny and only really holds my cards, so I never have any room for my change or cash. I like this gift because its adorable as well as useful!!! :)

Thank you to Nicole for all my lovely goodies, I am truly going to enjoy all the things you sent me!! :) I hope you love everything I sent you as well, I tried really hard to get things I thought you would love. I wanted to take a picture of your package but I didn't wanna give away the surprise, so you'll just have to live in suspense until it arrives on Wednesday!! :)



  1. WOW! You got that so fast! And I'm so happy the glasses didn't break!! Enjoy everything!

  2. That's too funny: I took pictures of my package and was getting ready to post them and thought, "Wait a minute: I can't ruin the surprise!"

    You got such an adorable package! Definitely ready for the dun and beach!

  3. Sooo cute! I love, love, love it! I hope mine is as cute as yours! I am sending mine out for tomorrow - this is so much fun!

  4. I am so excited for your fun gifts!!! You got some really fun stuff! I love your lemonade mix and margarita glasses!

  5. Yay for the swap! I'm sending my stuff out tomorrow! Its fun to get mail. I found your blog through the swap, I'm a Navy wife too. Can't wait to read more!

  6. Lol the margarita glasses are the best part! Make sure you drink one for me girlie ;)

  7. what a cute swap! i wish id known sooner, i wouldve joined the fun!

    i looove running into fello hello kitty fans! the last couple times ive gone out with my bag, ive had two women chase me down at the grocery store and we bonded over our hello kitty debit cards! you definitely need that bag in your life! it is an instant pick-me-up =)

  8. Looks like you scored big time. I love the sunglasses.

  9. Wow, looks like you had a blast. That is AWESOME and I love those flip flops and the matching glasses.

    I definitely have to go shopping tomorrow. Didn't have any time to get anything for my swap yet, since my granddad needed emergency caring.