Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Birthday, The Beach, and Bird Poo!

Saturday my family and I packed up our cars and headed to the beach for Bailey's birthday. I wasn't in the best of moods because I was exhausted from all the craziness during the past two weeks, but after awhile I managed to feel better and have a pretty awesome day! :) Since my mom lives about 40 minutes from Oceanside, we decided to go there, and although the weather was a bit gloomy we still had a blast. Bailey and Keira played in the sand and the water, and managed to get pretty dirty (like all kids do). Here are some photos for you to enjoy! :) 

This photo is me and Lindsey, my friend and a fellow Milspouse (her hubby is in the Marine Corps and stationed at Camp Pendelton). I was so glad she came and met up with us! We had a blast hanging out and talking and there was a pretty hilarious incident involving the bird poo, but I'll get to that later! ;)
This one is a photo of my younger sis Mary Ashton and my adorable niece Keira. She was so excited to play in the water!!♥
I love this photo, Bailey is just too darn cute! I'm gonna miss all my love bugs so much!! :(
As we were walking along the beach we noticed a ridiculously tall man with about 9 parrots! He was feeding them, and letting people take pictures with them for some tips. They were gorgeous!! We went over to see if he would let Bailey get a picture with the parrots. As we were standing there waiting for him to finish feeding them he pointed directly at me and said, "You, come over here!" He motioned me over, which I was terrified by (this dude was really tall and grouchy, lol!) and he began putting the birds on my shoulders and my head! 
 Eeeeeeeek!! I was so freaking scared that those things were gonna poo on my head or bite me, lol! And they were heavy!! But it was a cool experience, so although I was terrified I'm glad I did it! I got some really great photos!! :)
Not to worry, the birdies never went poo on me and it was actually really neat to see them up close. :) I love this picture cause the parrots look so cute behind me.
Once the grouchy tall man was done embarassing me, he moved on and let Bailey get some photos with the birdies! She's only 6 and she was way braver than me!! Just check out these pics if you don't believe me...
Look at how tall she's standing! She wasn't scared at all. (I guess her Auntie is just a giant wuss! lol)
 I also love this one, she looks so adorable! ♥ I swear she's gonna be a model someday!! :)
 After all the birdie excitement we headed back to the blankets and hung out for awhile. I enjoyed a delicious egg salad sandwhich (thanks mel!), some yummy cool ranch doritos and a delightful cream soda!! It was a perfect feast for the beach. 

After I finished stuffing my face, we were all sitting around talking and laughing when somebody screamed! My friend Lindsey was holding Bella, when an evil seagull flew over us and unleashed a giant bird poo all over baby Bellas face!! Agghhhh!! The horror!! It was sooo sad!! poor Bella was crying as the nasty poo dripped down her face and we all scrambled to get some wet wipes and clean her up! :( As sad and disturbing as this was, we all couldn't help but laugh at the situation. We all joked that we will remember this story forever and poor baby Bella is gonna be terrified of the beach from now on, lol! What are the odds of that happening on her  first trip to the beach?!? I told myself if I ever run into that seagull again, its gonna be on!!! Lol! Pobrecita Bella!! :(

After all the birdie poo was cleaned up we just enjoyed the rest of our day at the beach. It turned out to be a pretty lovely day after all, and I was happy to spend one more day in the Pacific Ocean with my family and friends. I think Bailey had a pretty awesome day too! ♥ 
I'm definitely going to miss times like these with the people I love, but I know that my life over the next three years is definitely going to be an adventure! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for my husband and I, and as I spend my last 9 days here in Cali, I know that this place and these people will forever hold a special and irreplaceable spot in my heart. ♥



  1. you are braver than I am! birds scare me! and i would have cried if a bird pooped on me too! poor kid!

  2. Your pictures are so cute! Looks like you had a great time. I'm sure your niece was glad that you were there too.

  3. You are too cute! I love your vintage flair!

  4. thanks so much for your sweet comment!!
    ps. LOVE the bathing suit!!!

  5. How fun!!!! And I totally LOVE your bathing suit! It's so flirty and FUN! Too cute!

    The birds are neat...I would've been nervous too about it pooping on me...but leave it to the seagulls...they NEVER disappoint. Poor Bella!

  6. I love the pictures. I think I'd be a bit nervous about the birds too. But it made for a great experience =]

    Your bathing suit is adorable!

  7. Those bird pictures are AMAZING! Haha sounds like a great day with lots of love, fun and of course, bird poo. :)