Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change is good right?

At least that's what I've been telling myself lately...Things have been crazy around here! I finally heard back from Jake today and after going to see his doctor it has been determined that Jake won't be helping us move to Virginia. His doctor said that in his "professional opinion" that he really shouldn't go along since his eye is still swollen and not fully healed. I totally agree, and hope he can get better soon. So our plans have changed a bit, and now we have to leave a day early so we can try to make it to Virginia by Monday. That means tomorrow is my LAST DAY in California!!!! :(  Today I have been running errands like a crazy woman and trying to finish all the last minute details. This has been my day so far:
  • Went and picked up my medical records from my doctors, so I have them once we get to VA.
  • Picked up and paid for my homecoming dress from the tailors
  • Got some last minute toiletries and hair stuff at Wal-Mart
  • Bought a track bag to throw all my stuff in so I don't look like a homeless lady carrying around my belongings in a trash bag
  • refilled and picked up my bc (cause lets face it...we don't want any babies right away!!) ;)
Now I'm pooped, but I'm trying to keep my anxious nerves under control. Yesterday I was really worried and stressed about what we were going to do if Jake didn't come along to help drive my husbands car, but I prayed about it and asked the Lord to handle it. Now all I can do is try my best and stay calm, because freaking out is only gonna make things worse. I called my grandparents today and told them what was going on (that Jake wasn't going anymore) and my Grandpa reassured me that we can meet up with them in Nashville and he will finish the rest of the trip with us, so my father in law can get a break from driving the whole way. I feel so much better, and I love my Grandpa so much!! I guess this is a blessing in disguise because now I will be able to spend the last day and a half with him on the road, and he will be able to see my new home and stay with me for a couple of days!! I feel so blessed and loved to have a family that would go out of their way to help me at the last minute! Thank you to everyone who left me kind and encouraging comments, it really made me feel better to know that so many of you are here for me. Thank you all for the prayers!! :) Since tomorrow is my last day in California, Mel (my older sis) and I are going to the movies to watch Eclipse!! Now I know its already been out for like 3 weeks, but we wanted to wait until all the craziness died down, and we figure its safe to finally go. I can't wait to see Jacob and his sexy muscles!! Eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!! Hope your all having a great Tuesday!! :)



  1. i wish we were leaving california! good luck on your drive!

  2. Busy Lady! Good luck on the transcontinental extravaganza!

  3. Everything is gonna be and will be fine. :) The trip will be fine and you will be GREAT. Take a breath...cause you're gonna LOVE Virginia. Good luck with everything girlie, I'm still thinking about you!

  4. Eclipse is great! Your gonna love it! And Jacob looks soo good in it ha.

  5. I agree with Kelsey you are going to love it it's beautiful here :) relax because it will all be worth it once oyu get here and get your hubby back!

  6. I'm glad everything worked out! You ARE blessed and loved! :)

  7. Sounds like you have been a busy lady. Best wishes on the move! Have a great time with your sister!

  8. Oh moving is so hectic!!! I am going to be so thankful when you get to sit and take a breather poor thing. Drive careful, not too much longer!!!

  9. im so excited for you that you get to see your honey soon!!! lots of pictures!!!
    everything will be fine girl. stay strong and rest on God. :)