Monday, February 21, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

This weekend flew by so seemed to disappear right before my eyes! I had to work on Saturday but once I got off we went out to our favorite Sushi restaurant in Virginia Beach called "Sakura." The food was so yummy and once we were done there it was off to our new apartment complex to pick up some more paperwork and schedule the signing of our lease. Eeeekkk!! I can't believe we are moving in a month!! :) I can't wait to start saving some money and energy on cleaning, lol. Once that was taken care of we headed home and spent the day relaxing, watching movies and playing video games with our friend Jimmy.

I was so exhausted from working 6 days in a row that I passed out around 4 pm and took a 3 hour nap! I never take naps but lately my work schedule has been kicking my butt and Saturday is my day to catch up on sleep. :) Sunday the Mr. had duty so I decided I would sleep in, mess around on the computer and catch up on some errands I needed to run. I FINALLY got my hair cut and I really like how it turned out. I decided to ditch the straight bangs and go back to my side swept bangs. I missed them! :) My hair was driving me crazzzzyyy so I was super excited to finally get it cut! I also got some great new shampoo and conditioner called "Vivid Satin" by Regis. It is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! It makes my hair so soft and smooth...its fabulous! ♥
After that I headed to my friend Sarah's house and played with her adorable new puppy "Ajax." He is a min pin and the cutest lil guy!!

I had a blast hanging with Sarah and her pups. We even went to Buffalo Wild Wings which I love (even though our waitress was horrible!) and then we did some shopping for a crate and some doggy treats for Ajax. After all that excitement we watched "The Social Network," which I was greatly disappointed by. I just did not like it and it seemed to drag on forever. Over all it was a fun day and I managed to get alot done while my hubby had duty. :)

Today once The Mr. got home we got dressed and went out for a bit and did some shopping. I finally got my Panda Bear Pillow Pet!! Lol! I have been wanting one for awhile cause I told my husband that I need something to snuggle with while he is gone on his next underway and the upcoming deployment. Sleeping by yourself gets sooo lonely!! :( But what can I say I am spoiled and now I have one to snuggle with while he is gone, lol. Isn't it cute!?

Once we were done shopping we headed out to the apartments to sign our lease!! We got our parking decals and got all our info and I am so excited that we are gonna be moving soon!! :) I am sad that we won't be as close to our neighbors Megan and Brian because we really like hanging out with them and their adorable daughter Brooke, but since we're only moving 1 mile away were gonna come visit all the time! I am excited and happy for this next chapter in our life along with saving some of that BAH! Hoo-Yah!! How was everyone else's weekends? Happy Presidents Day!!



  1. No kidding! Why do the fly by so fast!!!! I don't like it one bit! Lets put on some gloves and punch the crap out of Monday together!

  2. Naps are good. I say, take them if you can.

    I want a pillow pet but the hubby thinks they are only for kids.