Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Navy Exchange...You suck!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike the Navy Exchange out here? Since we live really close to the base here in Virginia Beach, my husband and I shop there often due to the fact that its close and convenient for us. Now I work a customer service job, and I have to be nice to people all day long so I understand that aspect, but most of the employees working there are just plain rude as well as incompetent! They boast about being the "Bingham Award" winner for 2009 and having the best customer service, but I have yet to see it in action.

On multiple occasions we have been charged the wrong amount for items we were purchasing, and the employees "voided" the items and re-rang them on our debit/credit cards. Unfortunately although the employees assured my husband and I that our money would be back in the accounts and available for us to use right away, that was not the case. When we tried to use our star card it was declined because the amount takes about a week for it to be deducted after being voided, and now we are dealing with the same issue with our bank account.

On Saturday my husband bought me a necklace from the NEX and the cashier charged him the wrong amount, (big surprise right?). She then voided the transaction and made my husband re-slide his card and sign for it again, instead of just doing a return and giving us the cash back like she should have. So now it has been 5 days and it is still showing both charges on our account and we are out about $250 until the NEX decides to put the money back in our account. I understand how banks work as well as point of sale transactions, because I do work at a bank after all, but what I don't understand is why we weren't given the option to just get our money back in the first place and then make the purchase for the right amount with the cash we had. That would have made a lot more sense considering now its as if my husband spent $500 on that necklace instead of $250 like he should have, and we have no idea when our money will be refunded to us.

I already called the NEX and spoke with a manager about how inconvenient this situation was, and that it was even  more frustrating because it has happened 3 times over the last few months but unfortunately for us we are still playing the waiting game when it comes to when we will be refunded our money. I was assured by the manager that there will be some re-training in the process of conducting voids, and was told by her that we should have been given the option to just return it and get cash back, and then make the purchase again with the cash in order to avoid being charged twice on our bank accounts or credit cards.

I doubt it will make a difference but at least she was helpful and let us know what to tell the cashiers in the future if this happens again, (and I have a feeling it will!). I am just praying the money is back in there by tomorrow because I need to go grocery shopping and as of now we can't touch that $250 because its still pending on our account...ugghhh this whole thing is soooo frustrating!! Have I mentioned how much I hate the NEX!!??? :<



  1. I love your honest posts. I should have no surprises once my hubby finally gets his contract and we start living the Navy life. :-) I hope that all gets figured out!! I would call everyday until it's fixed (but that's just me). haha.

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear that :( I would suggest talking to your bank, I don't know which one you bank with assuming Navy Federal. And explain to them. I had this happen with Chase and they released the pending item and then went through and voided it out for me. But noted in the account that the place would void it out later, so I wouldn't get double the money back. If you show the receipt a lot of times your bank will work for you. Next time you are rang up wrong (this happens to me even at Walmart) ask for the manager so you don't go through the headache again. I have not been to the Virginia Beach Nex but the Oceana one is nice.

  3. They're probably hoping you won't notice things rang up incorrectly. What an inconvenience trying to get your money back!