Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday...I'm Exhausted!!

Thank Heavens its Friday! This week flew by pretty quickly thanks to the Holiday on Monday, but my poor little body can never get used to my crazzzyyy work schedule. I literally had to hit the snooze button three times today and I still couldn't drag myself out of bed on time.

I feel like Blair in this weeks episode of Gossip Girl, when she's running on no sleep and starts acting loopy. For my sake lets all hope that I can manage to get a matching pair of shoes on my little feet. ;) As Blair would say, "I think someone Freaky Friday'd me. This can't possibly be my life."
I'm working today of course, (I'm an independent woman remember?!) but I still thought I'd share with you all what I'm looking forward to when I get home...Thats bed!!! Right now theres no place I'd rather be!
Laying around, Snuggling with my sexy husband of course....
And lets not forget my new panda Pillow Pet...
He won't admit it but he loves to snuggle with him too! Lol! I've got pictures to prove it! :)  I
Hope you all Have a Happy Friday! What are you looking forward to today? ♥



  1. My grama went to work with two different shoes on this week... one of the doctors she works for noticed it LOL She called the house and asked my grampa "Why did you let me go to work with two different shoes on?!" And of course he starts cracking up.

  2. I had to hit the snooze so much this morning too. I think it was just one of those weeks! The picture of your hubby with your pillow pet made me giggle! So funny. :D

  3. This post was so cute! I love that you used the Gossip Girl reference. Just don't go to work with mismatched shoes!

  4. We just "moved" home after 6 weeks of house sitting and my own bed never looked better.

    Hope you had a restful weekend.