Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Wish List

Since the day of LOVE is right around the corner I thought I'd compile a list of some V-Day goodies that I've got my eye on...Maybe my hubby will catch a glimpse of my blog and take one of my not so subtle hints. ;) Or at least I hope so!! Anyway here goes...

First on my List is this special Valentines Day Pillow Pet....I know this sounds dorky but I adore stuffed animals and these things are sooo cute and cuddly! ♥
Since my Husband is leaving soon for another work up and will be gone for about a month, I am gonna need something to snuggle with at night! :) lol

Next on my list is this beautiful sterling silver "shared heart" necklace from Zales. Its gorgeous and they even have a matching bracelet! Can you say Sweet?!!
And Last but not least is this fun and flirty Chiffon Rosette dress from Charlotte Russe....its adorable! ♥

 What gifts top your list this year for Valentine's Day?



  1. i have a dolphin pillow pet :)

    for valentine's day, i want a jotote or kelly moore bag for my DSLR camera.

  2. Hello Kitty all the way... but I know I am getting roses and Godiva when he gets back from being gone. Celebrating it late.