Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whats My Song? Let me tell you...

Amber over at "Goodnight Moon" is hosting a great new linky called "Whats Your Song?" All you have to do is post a song that sums up how you are feeling and link up back at her blog. Sounds easy right? It is! So what are you waiting for? :)

Music has a way of connecting people and has always been one of my passions, so I'm really excited to participate and hopefully find some great new songs and artists! I LOVE this idea... and to this day music helps me when I'm sad and can make me smile after a crumby day. When Isaiah was deployed I listened to so many songs that reminded me of him, or us being together and it always seemed to comfort me when my heart just couldn't take anymore stress or sadness.

When I listen to music its not just the melody or the person's voice that I listen for, but more than anything its the lyrics. To me a song is even more special when it has meaning, and I find over and over again that my favorite songs are ones that have some significance in my life.

So this week I chose "The Girl" By "City and Colour" because I love, love, love this song and his voice is amazing! Not to mention I like to imagine my husband singing this song to me...I love this line and the lyrics are all too fitting. :)

"I wish I could do better by you....Cause thats what you deserve. You SACRIFICE so much of your life in order for this to work....While I'm off chasing my OWN dreams, Sailing around the world....Please know that I'm yours to keep, My Beautiful Girl."

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  1. that is one of my most favorite songs.
    and i am in LOOOOVE with Dallas Green. he is so gorgeous. i've loved him since he sang for alexisonfire.

  2. I haven't heard of this song before. That is why I love this link up! Finding other great songs and artists is awesome!

    Thank you so much for linking up! See you next week chica! Same place, same time, different song!

  3. Oh man, I love how it went from slow to fast and upbeat and hen back down. What a great sng! I had neve heard it before and am in love! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Perfect song for you Britt, tell Isaiah to practice it, lol!