Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deployment Goals

Since I'm gonna have a lot of alone time over the next year, I've decided to make a list of goals to accomplish while my husband is gone. Hopefully I can make a dent in them and keep myself busy. Here's my list:

1) Learn and perfect at least twenty new recipes. I want to be an even better cook once my husband comes home! ♥ (Not that I'll be the next Julia Child or anything...)
2) Exercise more. Since we moved into our new apartment I now have a lovely fitness center I can use to work out in! I can't wait to try out the new treadmills and blow off some steam by working out. I figure I need all the endorphins I can get over the next few months. ;)
3) Pay off all our credit cards. Between the two of us we have more credit cards than we need. Once we recuperate from this move, we are going to get those horrible things paid off! They have all been taken out of both our wallets and locked away so we wont be tempted to use them.  
4) Learn some patience and stop worrying. Last Deployment I would get very nervous and worry if I didn't hear from my husband every few days. I would start to freak out and assume the worst, and it really took a toll on my body both physically and emotionally. My hair was falling out, I couldn't sleep until almost 5 am every morning and I lost 5 pounds. I had no appetite and basically no motivation to do anything. My Mother in law would have to call me and come home to find me sitting in my pajamas at 3 pm, laying around my room feeling sorry for myself. In short, I was extremely depressed. Looking back I don't know how I pulled myself out of that dark place. If it weren't for my family, friends and of course the Lord I don't think I could have done it. I DO NOT want a repeat of that this time around.
5) I want to travel. If you've been following my blog for awhile you probably know that I love history, and I love going to new places. Virginia is chock full of amazing historical places and I want to take full advantage of that while we are stationed here. I may never get the chance to visit all these places after we leave va. I am dying to visit Washington DC and see all the beautiful cherry blossoms. I also want to visit the Smithsonian and the National Zoo. I'm hoping I can convince some friends to go with me this summer, I think it would be an amazing experience. I would also love to visit New York. Being from California, I've been to L.A. many, many times but never to New York. I just want to see the city, experience some good food and of course some NY Pizza and do a little shopping. 
6) I want to grow stronger. This lifestyle is by no means easy, and its definitely not for everyone. There are days when I feel like I just can't do it anymore. Having your entire life be controlled by the navy is not an easy thing to comprehend. I want to be stronger, not only for myself but also for my marriage. I know that when I have break downs and let everything get to me, it only puts more stress on my husband. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I will never snap and have a bad day or rant on my blog, but I'm going to try and roll with the punches. I'm gonna try harder to get back up when I get knocked down.

7) I want to come up with some amazing care package ideas. I know that when my hubby gets a package from me, it makes his day and I really wanna support him and make him smile over the next few months. :)
8) And last but definitely not least I just want to be HAPPY. I want to embrace the good things and the beauty in my life, even if my husband isn't here to share it with me. I don't want to allow our situation to consume my entire existence and bring me down. I know its gonna be hard, but we're gonna get through this! 

So that's my list...To all the MilSpouses out there currently going through a deployment, what are your goals? 



  1. What a great list of goals- you are inspirational huni just keep going!

  2. Not going through deployment, but wanted to comment on #1. I ended up building a lot of my cooking confidence by using a crock pot. Most of the time you are just combining things into the crock and setting it on high or low. There's also some room to play with seasoning to get a taste you enjoy. Roasts, chili, desserts, chicken, pork chops...the list goes on and on. Also try things like tator tot casserole. Doesn't take much more then browning hamburger meat and then layering other ingredients with that in a baking dish. But obviously, you'll have to tailor what you make to go with what you eat, this is just stuff I've made/done to improve my kitchen skills.

  3. I needed this. I know that Ben isn't going on a deployment soon but the realization of it all happening has been a little overwhelming and I need this post to help me get back on track. Thank you! If I move up to DC, you need to come stay with me!

  4. I hope you are able to get this done, it will be amazing for you to do that! Doing everything on your list will make the time fly by for you while your man is gone

  5. awesome goals :)

    working out, reading more books, learning to cook and being happy are all of my far so good, except a little bit of slacking on the work outs ;)

  6. Great list of goals! I would love to travel around Va and see the historic sights. Also even though I am from Pa, I have never been to NYC so I would love to do that too! Can you say road trip? haha :) I am all about finding cute idea for the care packages, I already made two!