Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I love about Virginia...

As a California girl moving to Virginia has been a big change for me. When we received our orders here I was bummed we didn't get the chance to move somewhere a little more glamorous like San Diego or Hawaii, but I was also very excited to get the chance to experience living on the East Coast. From what I had heard back home, its like a whole other world out here. And boy was that the truth! A lot of things are different here than on the West Coast and it definitely took some getting used to.

For one thing the "freeways" here aren't called "freeways." They are called "highways," and the speed limit is only 55 mph!! Good grief its sooo slow! Not to mention all the one way streets out here...and those stupid service roads...they are such a nuisance...I absolutely hate that about Virginia! I also don't like the humidity out here during the summer, it makes you feel so gross no matter how many times you shower. The moment you step outside you start melting into a hot sweaty mess! I could probably go on and on and list a bunch of other things about va that I don't like but instead I want to share some things I have grown to love.
  1). I absolutely love living right near the beach...I grew up in SoCal but we always lived more inland and were about an hour from the beach...Not too far away, but not close enough to go everyday during summer. When I arrived here in July, hitting the beach was one of the first things I wanted to do. My besty and I had a great time soaking up the sun and even rode a buggy along the boardwalk. That buggy was an epic fail, but we laughed our butts off during the whole ride and made a lot of great memories. Thats when I officially fell in love!♥ There are so many great restaurants and cute little shops along the boardwalk, not to mention a ton of places to go out and have some fun at night.
 2). I love that there are seasons here...don't get me wrong, I'll always be a California girl but I remember living there nearly all my life and longing for something other than sunshine and sweltering heat or an occasional rain storm. I wanted the real, yellow and bright red leaves falling from the trees in the fall...a white Christmas, and a spring that actually felt like Spring...instead of just skipping straight to summer like in Cali.
I really loved experiencing how beautiful all the trees looked during autumn and this year I had my first "White Christmas," since I was a little girl and my family lived in Tennessee.
It was gorgeous and will be something I'll remember forever.♥

3). I Love that there are so many amazing historical places in Virginia. If you haven't discovered this about me yet, I am an avid History lover. Call me a nerd, but I've always been fascinated by history and culture, especially here in America. When my besty came down in August we made it a point to visit Cape Henry and climb the lighthouse there. It blows my mind to think that only a few miles from where we live is where the first settlers landed in America! :)
Here I am in front of one of the lighthouses at Cape Henry...we didn't climb the black and white one, but it was pretty to look at! :) Here is the one we climbed all the way to the top!
Once we made it we were hot, sweaty and downright was sooo hot in there! But the view was amazing and it was definitely worth it.
4). I love the food! In case I don't talk about food enough on my blog, I love to eat! Eating good food is one of my favorite past times and  I love having the opportunity to try all the new restaurants and sea food Virginia has to offer. One of my favorite foods that I've discovered while living in Virginia is "fried pickles." You may have heard Snooki talking about how eating fried pickles "was a life changing experience," but she was NOT joking. Fried pickles are so delicious it should be a crime!!!
I personally love the fried pickle spears, but they also come in pickle chips like the ones pictured below. They are both amazing dipped in some ranch dressing or spicy cajun sauce.
5).And last but definitely not least...I love the friends I have made here and I love living in a military area. You meet people from all walks of life and it has made me realize that no matter where you come from you can always have something in common. :) I love the fact that my friends here are always there for me when I'm down or need help and that they understand what I'm going through as a military spouse. Its so nice to have people who know what its like and the challenges we face on a daily basis. I cant tell you how many people have already offered to help us move and have just been kind to us in general. It really brings a smile to my face.

So here's to spending the next 2 & 1/2 years here in Virginia Beach...I'm sure by then I'll find even more things I love about living here. ♥



  1. Hampton Roads was one of my favorite places I've lived. It took me a bit to warm up, but I was sad to leave! Glad you're starting to love it up there.

  2. Aww, loved reading your post! So glad you have grown to love where you are. No matter where you, adjustments will have to be made. :)

  3. Your blog is really cute, and Virginia looks fun. My husband loves fried pickles!

  4. YESS!!! I am glad you like fried pickles too. Everyone thinks I am crazy but they are soo delish!

  5. Fried pickles are THE BEST! I make them homemade now, and it's so simple and delicious!!! You should try it at home!
    Also, I don't know if you've tried/liked the sweet tea out here, but don't trust it!! haha! Most of the sweet tea out here, isn't real Southern sweet tea. If you want the real stuff, come to my house! :D
    I was talking to my Grandma the other day (she's from CA) and she said she makes her sweet tea with four tea bags and half a cup of sugar, but I use 18 tea bags and 2 cups of sugar!! haha! it's the only sweet tea I'll drink. :)

  6. This is a great post. My husband and I are PCSing to Southern California and I'm SO nervous, but I'm looking forward to having sunny weather and NO winter :D

  7. Love this! I need that swimsuit! Who is it> and where did you get it!!