Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

 Its Miscellany Monday, so write random and link up over at "lowercase letters."

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1) Spring is in the air! I'm loving this warmer weather and all the trees starting to blossom. Today I managed to snap a few photos of the trees around my neighborhood. 
This one is right outside my house...too bad we won't be here long enough to see it fully bloomed.
I also love this one, which is across the street from us. We don't really have these types of trees back in California, and I really enjoy seeing such beauty. :) 

2) I am patiently anxiously waiting for Friday to arrive since that is the start of my vacation and also our big moving day! ♥ I can't wait to have a few days to spend with my hubby before he leaves for a LONG, LONG time. I am very thankful that his leave chit was approved and he was able to get the time off we needed to be able to move. Otherwise I would have been s.o.l. thanks to this early deployment date.

3) I have been bummed about my job lately. I'm trying to have a better attitude but somethings that go on in that place, I just don't agree with. I've been working six days a week for 3 months straight and now that my husband is deploying MONTHS earlier than he was supposed to, I feel very cheated out of that time we should have been able to spend together. Maybe if I hadn't worked so much these last few months and been so exhausted I wouldn't feel that way...Who knows? Either way I am praying once our new tellers are trained that we will all be enjoying 2 days off a week again! But by then my hubby will be long gone and I'll have more time on my hands than I know what to do with...isn't it funny how life works out like that?

4) Last night it really hit me that Isaiah is leaving. I mean, don't get me wrong. I've known for a few weeks now that they were leaving early but last night it finally clicked. For the first time since he told me, It felt real. After spending an almost perfect weekend together and wishing we had more time, I couldn't help but feel completely empty inside. I tried my best but I couldn't help but cry. I hate when my husband sees me cry...I feel like such a stupid little girl. I know I should be stronger and I keep telling myself that we will get through this, but the truth is I'm scared. I'm afraid of what another deployment will do to us, and to our marriage. Last time it was very ROUGH and there were times when I didn't think we were gonna make it. Times when I felt like maybe I should walk away, but I just couldn't...I love him too much. I do not want to go through this all over again and so soon. :( I keep wishing that I had a pause button for our lives and I could just hold onto these last few days with him a little longer. If only....
5) I want to do something really special for my husband before he leaves, but I am completely drawing a blank. I want to give him something to remind him of home and to remind him that I'll love him forever. I need to start planning and come up with something good. Any ideas?



  1. I am scared too girl! I can't believe I only have a couple days, and one of them is a freaking duty day! UGH! My hubby keeps saying how he is going to miss sleeping with me and our furchild, so I am getting a blanket made with our pictures on it and sending it to him as a surprise. I don't know how much he will use it, but I think it is a cute idea. :)

  2. :) Y'all make the cutest couple!

    And I love those trees! I want to start planting some in our yard, but knowing my luck, I'd probably kill them! I don't have a green thumb at all! lol

  3. Hang in there! Pre deployment is SO challenging. But I will remind you of something you emailed me a few weeks ago....It will be hard at first but you will make it through and be stronger together than you were before. I am one month in to our deployment and I can't believe how fast its flown by. Its so true, the days are constantly like a rollercoaster. Us Navy wives need to stick together :)

  4. Oh I love those trees! We really don't have any of those in California.. I wish we did

  5. you can do it! Hang in there girl it will be over before you know it