Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why do the dryers of this world hate me???

That's seriously what I am wondering right about now! Before we moved from California I purchased a used washer and dryer. The dryer was gas and I wasn't sure whether the hook ups in our new home were going to be gas or electric, so I pretty much crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I had tried contacting Lincoln Military housing to ask about the hook ups but I could never get anyone to answer the phone or return my messages, not to mention the lovely three hour time difference meant that they closed at about 1:00 pm everyday in California. So we get here and I check the laundry room only to see that our hook ups are in fact ELECTRIC. Eff my I was going to have a washer, but no dryer (which meant trips to the laundry mat, which are never fun...or I could hang dry all my clothes and have them be stiff, wrinkly and saggy.) Either way I was screwed until we could purchase a new dryer. :(

So yesterday my hubby and I went to get a dryer because he has a MILLION and one things I need to wash and dry for him since he just came back from deployment. So we pay for the dryer and it was scheduled to be delivered today...and the delivery guys show up at 9 am and bring in the dryer. They start trying to hook it up when they tell me our power cord is messed up and I need a new one. and the vent we have won't work because its not long enough. They informed me I needed to return the power cord, get a new one and also get a longer vent from Home Depot. So this means I am still without my dryer. I was upset but this wasn't gonna stop me, so I got ready and headed for Home Depot. I asked for some help and found the items I needed. Then I head home and called the delivery guy to ask if they can come back and hook it up for me. He tells me that they are super busy and can't come back out until tomorrow...GREAT! So then he tells me that its very easy to install the vent and power cord and he gave me the instructions. And would you believe me if I told you that I actually did it ALL BY MYSELF??? I still can't really believe!

So once I am done, all there is left to do is plug in the power cord and see if my dryer actually works...and what do you know? It didn't.....I am soooooooo BEYOND frustrated right now!!!!! I am suspecting the circuit breaker was tripped or is messed up for some reason, and I tried resetting the main breaker outside (which was the only one I could find) and it still doesn't work....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! At this point I was literally almost in tears and had to tell myself to buck up and be strong. I called maintenance and requested someone to come out but who knows if they will show up today...Sighhhhhhhh.....So now I have not ONE but TWO dryers sitting in my house that don't work!!! Good Lord I just want to be able to dry my darn clothes!!!! Is that so much to ask??? :((((((((((

Note to My Readers: Right as I was about to post this blog (and I mean literally!) my internet and phone were shut off. I seem to have the WORST luck ever!! I figured it was due to the storm yesterday, but when they Cox guy showed up today and fixed it he kindly informed me that they had intentionally shut off my service because the people who lived here before were due to have theirs canceled. Unfortunately for me, they didn't realize that I was a new resident and had already signed up for our own plan. So basically they EFFED UP!!! God can't anybody do anything right in this world? I mean seriously!!! And when he told me thats why I had NO PHONE OR INTERNET for a whole day he was so nonchalant about it...some people are so rude!



  1. Oh no hun! I'm so sorry that you are having terrible luck! Hopefully you will have a dryer VERY soon. I know that things like this can get very frustrating. Take a deep breath and have some ice cream, I know that always helps me =)

  2. Honey child - I am so sorry about that dryer. I know how it feels to get frustrated when you buy a new appliance and BAM - something is wrong with it. I had to hook up our washing machine by myself and I couldn't get the hot water hose to screw in without leaking. So until we moved I only washed my clothes with cold water. :) haha

  3. Sorry you're having trouble with the dryer situation - sounds sucky! At least you installed those parts yourself - way to go! Hope things get worked out so you can dry some clothes!!!! For now, at least you have a washer and can hang-dry clothes that must get done now!