Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Besty is finally here!

 "You reminded me of what the most important thing in life know what I think it is? Friends...Best Friends. " -Fried Green Tomatoes
My besty is in town for the next few days, so I have been pretty busy this week! She came in late Thursday night, and by late I mean 2 am! Her flight was delayed for 6 hours because the bad weather here on Thursday that was a real drag, but I was so excited for her to finally be here and to spend some quality time with her! Which reminds was raining really hard and storming that night before she arrived, when a neighbor came and told me I should move our cars. The street always floods right in front of my house when it rains for a long time and I guess a few peoples cars have been totaled already because of water getting into the engines. So I had to run out in the pouring rain and move my corolla up the street, and then I had to drive my hubby's subaru wrx up the street all by myself! Now to some this may not seem like a big deal but I have NEVER been able to drive stick, and although I did stall a few times, I finally got the hang of it and was able to move it up the street!!! I was so stinkin proud of myself and I was so scared I wouldn't be able to do it, but I did!! I can't believe how many things I have had to do on my own while my hubby has been away, and it has really made me feel empowered! :) 

Anyway, I have been having a great time with my besty and I will post pictures and write a real post tomorrow highlighting our adventures so far! :) She has been helping me unpack and decorate my house some, and yesterday we finally finished my kitchen! It looks adorable and I am going to post pictures of that soon too, cause I know you're all dying to see my new house! ;) Ta ta for now my dears, I must go and enjoy a large slice of chocolate cake...its calling my name!! :) Have a great night my lovelies!! ♥



  1. I cant wait to meet you! except you can't stand too are way too pretty! I am glad you are having fun with your friend!

  2. Have fun with your bestie!! And yay for you for being able to drive stick! I still can't do that so hopefully I'll never have to move his car or else we'll be in a pickle  i only know how to start it!

  3. I can't drive stick either! I have been starting my hubby's car once a week during deployment so that it doesn't just sit for an entire year, but apparently I wasn't letting it run long enough because it completely died about 4 months in. I had to get a friend drive it to an auto parts store to replace the battery. I hope it makes it for the rest of deployment!

  4. I'm so glad you're having a great time with your besty! :) Can't wait to see the pictures, girly. Hopefully we can meet soon!!