Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Thoughts, Josh Turner and an Anniversary Weekend :)

This weekend was a blast and it seems like the weekends always FLY by way too fast! My hubby had duty on Friday so I spent the day cleaning and doing about a million loads of laundry. Then Mrs. G stopped by with her pups and we had a doggy play date at my house. :) Tulip loves when Flower and Mojo come over to play so she was very was too cute! ♥ Mrs. G and I decided to head out in search of a lamp and some pillows to go on my new couches. We ended up at Marshalls where I found an awesome blue retro lamp and some amazing blue and brown pillows to go on my couches...they are fab! I will post some pictures this week...I PROMISE! I know I have been saying so for a month now, but I really wanted my house to look more like a HOME before I posted any, so I'm really excited to reveal the results, although I wanna add more decorations once we aren't so broke. I would definitely say I inherited the "decorating bug" from my mom and grammi!! :) Both my bathrooms have a theme as does my living room, kitchen and dining room! I am loving how its turned out so far!!
Anyway Saturday Mrs. G brought her pups back over and we all headed to the Josh Turner concert on base right by my house. She snapped this photo of my hubby and I while we were walking to the gates...I love it! ♥

I seriously LOVE the USO! Its awesome that they have free concerts for military and family members. It was an fantastic show and Good Lord....Josh is even more handsome in real life! Don't believe me? Here...see for yourself... :)
I don't know how...but this man managed to make jeans and a t-shirt look pretty damn good! wink*
This ones a little blurry, but check out that smile! :)
He certainly knows how to make a girl swoon...♥
And last but not least, I love this one! He looks so into it! ;)

Here are a few snap shots of us enjoying the concert. 
We had an awesome time!
Me and Mrs. G :)
I got a delicious peach daiquiri but I was bummed cause it was non-alcoholic! Boo! lol
Its ok though..I had fun pretending, and the way my eye looks in this picture you'd think I really was drunk! 
At least I got to keep the cutesy cup they gave me! ;)
After the concert Mrs. G and her pups headed home and my hubby and I settled into our pjs with a movie and a huge bowl of popcorn. We decided to watch "Why did I get married" cause I absolutely love it, and he had never seen it. Its such a good movie, if you haven't seen it, you should go rent it now! After we watched the movie he was being all lovey dovey and apologized for some things that have happened since he's been home. Nothing major, its just been a big adjustment for us both to have him home again. We both have to get used to feeling like we are ACTUALLY married and working as a team to get through the tough times the navy and life in general throws our way. It really melted my heart to hear him say those things and know that he is trying. Like any marriage, ours isn't perfect...but we do love each other very much, so I am leaning on God and praying for him to help make things easier for us. I know like all things it will take time before things can really go back to normal or as "normal" as they can be when your a military family.
Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and it started off as a bumpy day, but got much better as the day went on. I am a slacker and of course waited til the last minute to get my hubbs a present, so they didn't end up having what I wanted to get him. I was bummed but got him a kung fu movie and he was excited about that so it turned out ok. :) My hubby bought me some beautiful pearl earrings and some roses which I loved...not to mention he brought me a starbucks in the morning and a delicious coffee cake for breakfast! It was so sweet!! :)
 He had also gotten me a pearl bracelet but my wrists are so tiny it was way too big, and I had to return it. :((( I was bummed and hubby was peeved...I think his feelings were more hurt than anything because he worked so hard to pick out a nice gift for me and then it was ruined...but we got over it and had a good evening. :)
Once we made up I was a happy girl! And we headed out to dinner for some delicious Mexican Food! We went to a restaurant called Plaza Azteca and the food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Not to mention it was very inexpensive, so I was impressed. I have heard horror stories about the Mexican food out here, but I was very happy to find such a good place. It definitely lived up to my high Cali standards for authentic and delicious Mexican food! :)
Check out our dessert! Those Churros were to die for!! Mmmmmm...I can't wait to go back! ♥
All in all we had a great weekend and a special anniversary. I feel so blessed to have such good friends like Mrs. G and a wonderful husband who spoils me to death and always tries to make me happy. Life isn't always easy or perfect, but the way I see it, there is always beauty somewhere amongst the chaos.

P.S. Check out my guest post today over at Steph's blog "Watching Airplanes." You can find it by clicking HERE . I worked hard on it and I hope you all like it! :) Also don't forget to enter my contest to win some fabulous jewelry for navy wives and s/o's! Today is the last day to click HERE to enter! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow have until Midnight tonight to submit your entries...Good luck and thanks for reading! ♥



  1. Happy anniversary :) I'm so jealous Josh Turner came to your base!! I LOVE him. Now I'm going to check his concert schedule and see if he'll be around here anytime soon...

  2. So glad you had a good weekend :) Yay for making up lol

  3. im glad yall had a great time! i cant wait to see pics of your new home!
    happy anniversary! :)

  4. How fun!!!! What a great weekend! And yes.....Josh Turner is freaking H.O.T!!!!

    You and Mrs. B looked so cute.

    Happy 1yr Anniversary!!! It only keeps getting better from here on out!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Y'all are so cute!

  6. Happy anniversary!! I'm glad he came home just in time for you guys to celebrate together!! That's awesome! You are so right, all marriages {and even friendships} take work. You just need two people that love each other enough to get through the hard times and work together. <3

    Congrats again. Love the pics!

  7. Yay! Glad you had a great weekend! So jealous about the concert, the only USO show that they have had here was Elmo Live....not the same as Josh!! :)

  8. Aww you guys looked like you had an amazing weekend and a wonderful anniversary.

  9. Glad you had a good anniversary! I'm jealous that you and Mrs. G get to hang out all the time. When I saw that first picture, I was thinking, "What are you doing on Mrs. G's husband?!?!" LOL.

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks again for doing the guest post.