Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Commissary Nightmare...and a little kindness

Yesterday after a long day of dealing with the smelly movers, I was exhausted and needed to pick up a few things from the store. I needed to return some dvd's to the redbox machine at Kroger, so I went in and looked at some of the prices, and just couldn't bring myself to buy the few things I needed. I guess I just feel guilty since we just moved and I am not working for the time being. I know we need to be wise with how we spend our money, so I decided to head on over to the commissary, cause even though that place is EVIL, we all know its WAYYYYYY cheaper than the regular grocery stores!

Anyway...I did my shopping for about half an hour or so and proceeded to go to the check out line, which was long but seemed to be moving at a good speed. Then the old lady directing the carts told me which lane to go to and I proceeded to empty the contents of my basket onto the conveyor belt. I got stuck behind the lady from HELL!!!! She was paying with an ebt card and the cashier informed her that she still owed $4.01 on her purchase. She refused to pay the amount, saying that she had enough money on her card and that she shouldn't owe anything. The cashier could not figure out why the register was saying she owed the $4.01. After ten minutes of arguing with the cashier and her being unable to fix it on the register, a supervisor was called over. She then stood there for another 20 minutes fiddling with the register and trying to void items to see if it would lower the woman's total.

This was all to no avail, and I was TRAPPED there the entire time behind the rude lady. All my stuff was already on the belt and there was a lady behind me with her stuff loaded behind mine. I was stuck there, praying that stupid lady would leave but I wasn't so lucky. She even had the AUDACITY to say, "I have the money, but I'm not gonna pay it!" No, instead she held up the line for over 40 minutes (and I swear to you I am not exaggerating!!) over FOUR lousy dollars! I was ready to hand the STUPID WENCH $4 from my own wallet so she would shut the hell up and get out of my way!! All I wanted to do was to pay for my groceries and go home, not get stuck behind an ungrateful woman who refused to pay the $4 she owed. I felt like screaming!! I mean, I have nothing against people who need help or are on food stamps...believe me, I know times are tough and people are without jobs and trying to stretch every dollar into many more, but she was so rude it was unbelievable!! This was the last thing I wanted to deal with after the long, exhausting day I'd already had, not to mention the only thing I'd eaten ALL DAY was a yoplait yogurt! I was literally about to fall over I was so hungry and my back was aching...

And the CHERRY on top of all of this was that the manager was APOLOGIZING to her, when she should have been apologizing to ME and all the other CUSTOMERS, who were stuck waiting because of this woman. Obviously she was rude and obviously the people working there weren't smart enough to figure out how to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Who on earth puts these people into management positions?!? These people had the IQ of a loaf of bread, and as for that woman...well you are unbelievable...was that $4 really worth wasting almost an hour of everyone's time? I certainly don't think so.

Finally I got normally I am a nice person but this was BULL SHIT!!! So I asked them, "How much longer is this gonna take, because this is ridiculous?!" I packed up my groceries after the woman behind me finally moved and the manager took me to another line and FINALLY let me get checked out! The cashier asked me how I was doing and I said, "Well I'd be a lot better if I hadn't gotten stuck behind that lady for the past 40 mins!" She couldn't believe it had been that long, and the bagger confirmed it. I was in line at 7 pm and didn't get in my car until 7:50 to go home...good was a ROYAL NIGHTMARE!!!! I'm praying the food I have will last me...because I REALLY, REALLY do NOT want to go back there...EVER!!!

At least there was a HAPPY ending though...Samantha from Navy Doll actually lives in my neighborhood and stopped by to bring me some homemade guacamole! I got to meet her two little ones, and they are sooo adorable! It was so nice of her to drop by and cheer me just made me stop and think that a little kindness goes a long way. I had a ROTTEN day, right down to the very minute that I got home from the store, but her simple gesture of friendship and compassion made me feel so much better! Its times like those when I know the Lord puts certain people in your life for a REASON and I have a feeling that Samantha and I are going to be great friends! :) We're going to the beach tomorrow with Mrs. Gambizzle from Life as a Sailor's Girl, and I am so stoked to spend the day with these two awesome and kind women! Who knew that when I started this blog I would meet so many amazing people?!?



  1. Yay for meeting two new friends in your area. That is such a blessing for you I am sure. I'm sorry about the darn commissary! I always feel awful when we use our WIC checks and hold up the line for more than 5 minutes. 40 minutes though....well that's just ridiculous. Have a fun day tomorrow at the beach!

  2. Agh! That's so crazy! I HATE when people only think of themselves. She should have just paid the stupid 4 dollars!!

    And can I say that I'm SO jealous of you going to the beach tomorrow with S and Mrs. G?!?! I wanna come lol! Have fun girlie! :)

  3. Damn, sorry you had to go through all that when you just got here! Can't wait for the beach tomorrow that should make it all better :)

  4. i HATE the commissary. if it wasnt so much cheaper or i lived closer to a super walmart i wouldnt go there. the cashiers and people that work there just arent the smartest. i know that one time i went and they couldnt figure out how to do the wic stuff. and there was a line behind me already so i told them to just let me pay for it. i get nervous when theres people behind me lol i feel like if im there to long they find me and cut me into pieces in the parking lot! haha. im sorry bout your day though. BUT im glad you got to meet some blog ladies :) ( i wish one would come find me lol)

  5. That is amazing that you have some great ladies right there! I am jealous! Good luck with the commissary next time, I am sure it can't be THAT horrible every time.

  6. I love it when something so small as a welcome to the neighborhood gift can turn your day around. I only wish they happened more often!

  7. I am so so so jealous you live near a beach. I guess being in the Navy that is kinda a perk. But the commissary is def not my favorite place either. It is always so packed and people are obnoxious.

  8. I would have blew up after about 10 minutes.

    Some old lady was talking smack about me holding the line up at the grocery store the other night. I used my card to break into our house and now it won't swipe sometimes. So the manager had to come out and type the numbers in. This was the same old lady that was in the middle of the isle every time I went down an isle. I rolled my eyes at her.

  9. Girl I'm sorry! Its not always like that though. I used to hate the Commi but now love it because it saves me about a hundred bucks every two weeks.

    I'm so jealous! How fun. Take lots of pictures!!

  10. Girl, I'm so glad that I could cheer you up! Everyone needs a little guacamole in their life!

    I had a great time with you ladies!
    My kids are nuts! lol!

    You guys are awesome!