Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm alive, I promise

It has been so long since the last time I blogged, but I promise I am not dead! I took a hiatus from social networking (for the most part) and completely cut off facebook, twitter and blogger because it was all just getting to be too much. There were certain people that were driving me insane and I just needed a break from it all. After a few months I am trying to get back into the swing of things and am gonna start updating my blog more often. Recently I have been having some health issues and was unable to go home to California for our family vacation this year. :( To top it all off after that I caught a nasty cold my husband brought home and have been trying to fight it off for the last four days. Sometimes it feels like I can't catch a break but I am trying to remain positive and believe everything will work out for the best.

My poor husband has been dealing with me being sick and emotional and has been a champ at taking care of the house and cooking dinner, doing laundry etc. which I really appreciate. It is so hard to do those things when you are not feeling well! Anyway, I am on "vacation" from work until Thursday but since I have been so sick I haven't even left the house since last week. At least I don't have to worry about work for a few more days, and I am praying to be better by then so I can go in. I would love to get better a little sooner so hubby and I can have a beach day or just enjoy our time off together but I'm not holding my breath.

On a happier note, exam results came out a few weeks ago and my husband passed! I am so proud of him for becoming a petty officer and knew all his hard work would pay off. We have been through so much together since he joined the navy and it has made us both change and grow. This year has a lot of anniversaries for us, it will be five years that we have been together, three years that we have been married (In August) and three years of navy life! Its amazing how fast time flies when you're spending your life with someone you love, (and how slow it goes when you're apart!). We are still waiting to here back on the status of his PTS results, (for those that don't know PTS stands for "Perform to Serve" which is basically the navy's way of weeding out sailors and deciding who is allowed to reenlist.) It's a pretty scary thing, not knowing if you're husband will still have a job once his contract is up, especially in this horrible economy.

Since we are almost done with sea duty we are praying and hoping that his PTS gets approved so we can get the heck out of Virginia and hopefully get back on the West Coast. If all goes as planned and PTS is not a problem then we will be scheduled to leave Virginia in March of 2013 and head to our new duty station. I am so ready for a change! It has definitely been a good life experience moving across country and starting a life together, but this just isn't where we want to be. I know there are no guarantees with the navy but I am a California girl all the way and I need my sunshine and beaches! It's just not the same here in VA. I am also looking forward to a job change when we move because I am so bored and hating my work situation right now. Over all I think we are both ready to move onto the next chapter in our lives and see what God has in store for us! :) 


  1. Yay you blogged!!! Keep it up girly since our husbands our home keeping us apart it may be the only way we know what is going on in each other's lives! lol :P

    Also how can you hate this lovely little place called Va Beach?! It is the most fantastic place ever, driving around here is just a dream, and everyone is so nice! HA Yea...I'm ready to get the hell outta dodge too.

    Hope you feel better and get all the answers you are looking for! Oh and post more...that's an order! :P

  2. We missed you blogging! Hope things go well for you.

  3. Glad you're alright. And it's ok you disappeared, God knows I did too. BTW started a new blog.

    Hopefully you get to come back to Cali. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Maybe you'll get lucky and get SD or Coronado.