Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doctors Office Embarrassment

Sometimes I look at my life and all I can do is laugh. The things that happen to me really are amazing...I had a doctors appointment today bright & early at 8:00 am. After tossing & turning all night I woke up around 6:15 so I would have enough time to shower, eat and leave the house by 7:00. I had to drive all the way across Virginia Beach over to the Oceana Base in order to go to the Dam Neck Branch Clinic for my appointment. So I am driving there and get lost twice before I even find the street the clinic is on, then I had to phone the nurse and ask for directions cause I am obviously terrible with finding places. By the time I actually locate the building and park I am already five minutes late and have no idea where I am supposed to go.

So I head in the clinic to check in and a clerk points me in the right direction. I sat for awhile and waited to be checked in and then proceeded to go to an orientation of sorts. I'm sitting in the room waiting for the nurse to stop talking when all of a sudden it hits me. My stomach churns, and I can feel my face start to get hot. I was starving by that time since I ate around 6:00 am and desperately wanted to eat the granola bar in my purse but wasn't sure if it was alright. I sat there for ten minutes hoping the presentation would be brief until I finally couldn't take it anymore! I grabbed my purse and headed for the door without a word.

 I staggered down the hallway searching desperately for a bathroom because I knew it was coming. I was going to be sick...I passed a nurse and asked for help but before I knew it I couldn't hold it back anymore. I told her I needed a trashcan and she quickly grabbed one for me. And I just did it, right then and there. I couldn't help it. As much as I was embarrassed to be sick in front of a complete stranger, there was no way to prevent it. Some other male nurses happened to hear me from the hallway and brought me to the break room to sit down and drink some water and gingerale. My whole body was shaking and I was hot and embarrassed. They grabbed a doctor and she was so nice and quickly checked my blood pressure and heart rate and made me sit for awhile before going back to my appointment.

I basically missed the whole orientation because I was sick, but mostly I was just concerned that I still had to do blood work after all this was said and done. Lucky for me, the nurse I had was one of the ones who had helped me when I was sick and was a pro at drawing blood, so it was easy breezy. Now I am just hoping I can get better soon and not have to be sick anymore. My next appointment is in two weeks and I am hoping I can make it through that one without hurling. It really is a drag, but I guess one day it'll make for a funny story. ;)

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  1. hi brittney, i miss your posts! hope all is well!

    i know you havent posted in a while but ive nominated you for a versatile blogger award! check out my post about it!