Friday, November 5, 2010

Things that make me smile... :)

With so much bad news lately, I figured I could use a smile on my little face. :) Here's whats making me smile this week...
Don't ask me why but this commercial makes me so happy! This little bundle of joy looks so adorable zooming around the world in his walker and I can't help but sing this tune all day after watching it! :) It drives my hubby crazy, but I know its only cause he thinks he's adorable too, but just won't admit it! lol!
Then there's my adorable fur baby Miss Tulip!♥ She is so funny and is always happy to see me! :) She's my snuggle buddy and loves to sit on my lap while I watch tv or blog.
These are my adorable nieces Bella Bug and Bailey Vamp...♥ They looked so precious this Halloween, and even though we were far apart they are always with me in my heart. ♥
And of course there is my sexy and amazingly loving husband. This man has my heart the way no other man ever has. ♥ I am so thankful that the Lord gave me the best husband I could possibly ask for. He gets my jokes, finishes my sentences, rubs my feet after a long day at work, and spoils me with surprises that I never deserve. I love that we have so much fun laughing and being silly together. :)
And then there is the amazing pumpkin bread I made last night, with actual pumpkin puree that I made myself, none of that canned stuff! ;) I was too lazy to take a picture of the bread I made, so heres the recipe picture. Close!
It came out fabulous btw and my husbands office loved it! They killed an entire loaf I sent with him this morning and he said it was a huge hit. :) What can I say, my mom and grammi are both amazing cooks, so hopefully I learned something from their awesomeness!

I am also loving this song that Jordan introduced me to, and I am adopting it as my official deployment theme song. The lyrics are inspiring to me, and give me the hope to keep going in the face of hardship and heartache. Don't worry, I'm hanging on everyone! And even though I feel like crying sometimes, I'm gonna try my best to keep on smiling. :)

Whats making you smile this week? :)



  1. I live that baby commercial it makes me laugh so hard! Also high five on the pumpkin bread!

  2. I'm glad that you are feeling better!! I love that commercial, too funny! Your nieces are adorable. This post made me smile. Hope you're doing okay love =)

  3. Thanks for the happy vibes, lady-friend:)

  4. That song is so good. Added it to my favorites!

    Good to see you smiling! ;)
    PS, I'll reply on FB to the last message when FB lets me. It's been going crazy on me all morning.