Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween was a lot more special than most, simply because my hubby was able to be home to spend it with me. :) He was underway pretty much all month and got home just in time for Halloween...which of course made me ecstatic! Being the big cheese ball that I am, I decided to get us both costumes, and heres what we came up with...
 He was exhausted from working all week and didn't feel like going out so we got ourselves gussied up and handed out candy to our neighborhood trick or treaters, had a fabulous dinner and watched scary movies all night. And even though we didn't go out and party or get smashed like most people do, we had an amazing night. ♥
How did everyone else spend their Halloween? I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday! ♥



  1. How cute!! I'm lovin the costumes!

  2. You guys looks adorable! I'm happy he was home in time for the holiday :)

  3. My husband and I dressed up as cop and prisoner one year when we were dating. I love doing matching costumes! We also did referee and football player one year!