Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Zales, You Suck

First off I am warning my readers now that this post is going to be a little angry. I am BEYOND pissed right now! Remember when I said my hubby got me this gorgeous ring for our anniversary this year?
Well one of the little diamonds fell out on one side of my wedding band so I brought it into the store to be fixed and paid $35 to have it back within a few days, because as I'm sure you could imagine I did NOT want to be without my ring.

After a few days the sales associate called me and told me my ring was ready to be picked up and I was more than happy to go get it. I had the ring back for literally TWO days before the same exact diamond fell out again. So I called and was assured I wouldn't be charged a fee and was told I could bring my ring back in and they would fix it for free.

But upon examining my ring a little closer I'd noticed that the band was now bent on one side and the three bands were no longer flush. The center band was sticking up on one side of the ring, and on the other side there was a noticeable gap between the engagement ring and the bottom band.

So I let the associate know the jeweler had bent my ring while replacing the diamond the last time I brought it in to be fixed. They assured me my ring would be fixed and I would have it back on my finger within a few days.

So Saturday rolls around and I head to Zales to see if my ring is ACTUALLY fixed this time. They replaced the diamond but had done nothing to fix the bent wedding band. I was beyond angry at this point and it literally took every ounce of strength in my tiny body to keep myself from going CRAY CRAY on these PEOPLE!

At first they tried to argue with me and say they didn't see what I was talking about. The lady held up a magnifying glass and was looking at it. I said, "It doesn't take a magnifying glass to see that ring is bent. There is a big gap right there and it doesn't even slide into place easily like it did before." After they realized I wasn't playing around they tell me to leave it for the Jeweler to fix now for the THIRD TIME.

So I leave ONCE AGAIN without my ring and pissed off. Then they call me today to come pick it up and it is still not fixed, in fact nothing has been done at all. I wouldn't be surprised if no one even bothered to look at it at all and I immediately expressed how dissatisfied I was that this issue still hadn't been fixed.

I don't understand how Zales can really expect you to pay thousands of dollars for a ring that the diamonds fall out of and then THEY damage it even more and refuse to fix it. At this point I have to order an entirely new ring made in my size and that will take six to eight weeks for it to get here.

I have to say I am so soooo disappointed with the customer service I've received and the fact that the employees were trying to make it seem like nothing was wrong with my ring. It wasn't bent that way before I brought it in to be fixed and the fact that I have now gone almost three weeks without my ring is ridiculous.

Needless to say I won't be buying anything from there anytime soon and I would discourage anyone I know to buy a ring from there. A wedding ring is an investment, and every woman deserves to have a beautiful one. You shouldn't have to settle for one that is damaged simply because people are too lazy to actually do their jobs.


  1. Get on the Zales website and see if you can contact someone a little higher up then that store and let them know how dissatisfied you are with the customer service at that particular store and what's happened with the ring.

    I'm sorry Zales is sucking at standing by *their* product.

  2. wow! good for you for sticking to it and demanding it be fixed. I agree with the comment above - contact someone above the associate, maybe a manager or something...

  3. Gee go figures!! i HATE ZALES customer service! As you know i pretty much have that same ring. When i got it it was the wrong size. i brought it in and turns out that the inside one was one size and the outter bands were another size.. so i had it fixed as well as some loose diamonds. Even though i just got that ring. Now another diamond is VERY loose. i can tell that it is all slanted and about to fall out any day. Sad thing is im all the way in Italy. i know it takes them forever to get it back in the states and theres no way i cant trust them to send it out there :( IM here for two and a half more years. what am i going to do??