Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moving forward

Today I started my first day of physical therapy and I absolutely loved it! I have to go two to three times per week but I am hoping with time and the exercises I'm doing my hand will hopefully get back to full strength.

In other news, I'm excited for fall to be arriving in Virginia, especially since the weather has finally started to change. It rained almost the entire month of September and was so humid it was unbearable! I'm so thankful for some cooler weather!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go see "What's your number?" with Anna Faris and Chris Evans and I absolutely adored it! You all know how much I love Mr. Evans and he was looking extra handsome in this film. ;)
 If you haven't yet, you NEED to go see it! It's a perfect date movie or great for a girl's night out.
Anyway I'm off to run a few errands and enjoy the rest of my day off. I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday! ♥


  1. I am glad you loved your first day of physical therapy and I hope your hand gets better! I have not seen "What's your number" yet, I will have to go!

  2. I really want to see that movie! Maybe I can talk my hubby into a date night soon! :)