Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Is it just me or does it seem like the whole week drags until you get to the weekend? Then time seems to fly by and before you know it, Monday is here again. I wish there were a way to have five days of weekend and two days of work. That would be amazing.

This past weekend was the first weekend I've had off and been able to sleep in for three whole months!! It was delightful and flew by in a flash. Friday night I was on such a high for some reason and after working ten and a half hours was hyper all night!

Sarah, her hubby and I went to dinner at one of my favorite places, texas roadhouse. Of course we had to get some delicious fried pickles and a frozen peach margarita. It's just a must. ;) I also got a loaded baked potato and an amazing sirloin steak.
After the movie we headed to my favorite theater and saw Captain America. I was dying to see this based on the previews looking so great, but I was highly disappointed. I HATED the ending, and when I say hate I mean it.
 The whole movie there is this love stroy going on between him and the main girl and they only kiss once the entire movie. Call me a sap, but I was expecting a little more than that. Booooo. Chris Evans did look pretty handsome though. ;)

Saturday Sarah and I had our first adventure together at Garden Ridge. I had never been and can I just say that I am in love? They have soooo many neat things there!!!

I wanted to buy the entire store but I settled for a few new things for our apartment. It definitely needed a little revamping. I promise I am going to post some photos soon. ;)

Sunday was an early morning filled with cleaning my apartment, doing laundry and getting ready to have Sarah and her hubby over for a swim in our lovely salt water pool and dinner afterwards. I made fiesta lime chicken, spicy corn on the cob, home made pasta salad and some toast.
 It was delicious!! It should probably be a crime how much I love food. I love to cook, but I think its mostly because I love to eat. ♥
For dessert I made strawberry shortcake. Just like my mom makes it. And it tasted just as good! Thanks Mom for being such a naturally good cook. ;) I think you passed it on to me.

My weekend was so jam packed with fun stuff, shopping, cleaning, and then relaxing that it was simply blissful. Ending it with a great dinner and dessert Sunday night made things even better and by the end of the day I was exhausted, (in a good way) and ready for bed.

I'm so thankful for the amazing people God has put in my life and for all my blessings. I have really felt happier the past few days and have gained a peace in my heart about a lot of things going on in my life. I finally feel like there is hope for me. And it's a really amazing feeling. ♥


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