Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Friday: Christmas Lights :)

I was going through my camera last night when I came across the pictures from the very beginning of my memory card. They were from last Christmas, and suddenly the memories came rushing back and it made me realize how quickly this last year has flown by. I guess time flies when your hubby is in the military! ;) I thought I'd share some of them with you and reminisce about the last Christmas with my family back home for the next few years.
Heres me and my niece Bailey sharing in the Christmas spirit! Isn't she the cutest little elf? ;)
Heres me and my big sis hanging out looking at Christmas lights in Rancho. :)
The lights were gorgeous and I dont think I had ever seen anything quite like it! :)
We even saw the Grinch! He was up to his old tricks as usual...
Bailey and Leilani had a blast and we enjoyed ourselves too! :) 
All the houses looked amazing, and we even got to see Santa! :) 
Merry Christmas!! 


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