Monday, September 1, 2014

Almost time!

Well, it's been an entire week since the moving company came and packed our household goods and we've basically been living like hobos ever since. I am so ready for tomorrow to get here so we can pack up the cars and hit the road! We originally weren't supposed to be leaving until Wednesday but we got a call from the moving company saying they needed to deliver a day early, which means a slight shift in our plans. So now we are leaving a day early and going to split the trip up into two days. We should be in Biloxi by Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning we sign the lease for our new house and get our stuff delivered that same day! It's going to be an exciting/stressful day but I will be so glad to have our belongings again.

This past week has been a challenge when it comes to entertaining our toddler and I'll admit I'm so grateful we still have wifi so he can watch netflix on our laptop. We also got him a coloring book and some markers so we could draw together and keep him occupied. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the base pool and splash pad which was really nice and a perfect way to beat the heat! I'm so disapoointed that we just now made it there because they don't even charge admission and Jeremiah loved it so much! I'm very excited about the fact that our new housing community also has a pool and that we will be able to take him there often before the end of summer. He is definitely a water baby! :)

Other than that I've been trying to get our house cleaned up a little each day so we are ready for inspection before we leave on Tuesday. I've also been working on teaching Jeremiah some new words and I'm excited at how many new words he has learned this month. Some are only ones I can understand because I hear him say them enough but it makes me happy none the less! I'm hoping once we can communicate better there will be less frustrations for both of us. We got him a vtech learning book that says the names of objects when you touch them and he really seems to like it so far. I'm hoping it will help with learning some new words too. ♥

I hope you all have a Happy Monday and enjoy these pictures of my little guy playing in Mommy's suitcase. Here he is saying the newest word he learned..."Cheese!"

I love his little cheese face! Have a great week everyone! ♥

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