Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The perfect name

When you find out you're expecting, choosing the perfect name can feel like a monumental task. I wanted a name that was beautiful and sophisticated that could grow with our baby girl as she got older. A name that sounds adorable as an infant, but also respectable as an adult. When I was pregnant with my son, we were able to choose his first name the very same day we found out he was a boy. This time around it took us a little longer, ok actually a lot longer, to agree and find a name we both loved.

 I scoured baby name sites and tried to seek inspiration from family and friends but one name just kept coming back to me and I knew it was the one. My husband on the other hand needed a little more convincing, so I kept giving him other options. After about a week or two of this he said, "You know what, I actually think I like this name best..." and I was so happy because I absolutely love the name we chose. We have yet to decide on her middle name, but our baby girl's first name will be Addison. I am in love with her name and can't wait to meet our sweet girl. How did you choose your baby's name?

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  1. What a lovely name. I think it checks all the boxes you wanted. It IS beautiful and sophisticated.
    My husband and I deliberated on our son's name for six months. I wrote lists that we would then rank separately. The same name appeared on our list time and time again and we ended up choosing it a few weeks before he was born. It suited him perfectly. Our daughter's name was a simple decision as she was named after someone, but her middle name was difficult! When are you due?

    1. Thank you! I am actually due December 21st and am so excited. :) I'm not sure why choosing our son's name was so much easier but this time around it was defnitely hard. We still haven't chosen a middle name either so I'm trying to figure that part out. Thanks for stopping by my blog!